Monday, 9 June 2014

Minimalist Haul | Missguided,H&M & Vintage

Lately I realised I needed a few light pieces to spruce up my Summer wardrobe. My Summer colours are still black, black and more black, but Iv'e added a few bits of white and grey to brighten things up. Most of the pieces just arrived today courtesy of Missguided, so everything featured should still be available online.
Ive been going for a minimalistic approach to Summer fashion this season, with blank whites and textured blacks featuring heavily in my Summer LookBook. Iv'e also been loving the whole Palm Springs/Club Tropicana trend that all the editorials and highstreet stores have been showcasing.

Top | Nicole X Missguided
When the hotly anticipated Nicole Sherzinger collaboration with Missguided was released, I was slightly disapointed with it as, although it was amazingly sexy and on trend, very little of it suited my personal style. There were a few pieces however. that caught my eye, particularily the black mesh pieces such as this croptop with mesh sleeves. It's quite fitted and very very cropped, I'd prefer if it was a bit longer but I'm looking forward to styling this piece with my mesh skirt, featured in my OOTD that you can see here.

You can also read my article on the release of Nicole's Missguided collection here on Style Eyes.
Bomber Jacket | Missguided
I ordered this quilted bomber jacket to throw on as an alternative to my black bomber jackets for nights out. Its a really light material with a faux leather exterior so it's perfect for Summer and the All White Everthing minimalist look Iv'e been loving lately. 
                                  I also love the light quilted texture detailing on the exterior.
Dress | Missguided
I loved this dress in whiteso much I decided to pick it up in black as well! It's just a simple minimalist shift style dress. I love the ease and simplicity of having pieces like this in my wardrobe. The added sheer panel at the d├ęcolletage adds interest and keeps the black dress from being too heavy for Summer months, not that you don't still need warmth in an Irish Summer.

You can also check out some other Missguided looks iv'e put together on my Instagram.
Co-ordinates | Missguided
The next bits I purchased is this white palm print shorts and jacket combo. I have been totally obsessed with co-ordinates this S/S season and this print caught my eye immediatley on the Missguided website. 
These co-ords were sold seperatley on the Missguided website, and you could choose to match the jacket with either a dress or a top & shorts. I chose the shorts and jacket without the top as I thought a cute white or black crop top would keep the co-ordinate look without being too matchy-matchy.
The muted club tropicana print was also perfect for me as I can be a tad colour shy. It's perfectly palm springs without being too over the top.
Ring | Missguided
     I chose this "palm leaf" ring as I was inspired by the Motel Rocks leaf print co-ords that Iv'e seen all over Look Book and Tumblr. As much as I'm liking this ring, i think that the shad of gold they chose it quite bright and a little tacky, and it really stands out as being bright and brassy when I wear it stacked with other gold rings. Other than that i think it's an edgy but subtle take on the, lets face it, weed print trend.
Co-ordinates | H&M
I also picked up this pair of white co-ordinates in the H&M sale. I thought they were simple and would be easy to style together or as seperates. I also chose them due to the textured look and feel of the fabric.

Lace Top | Vintage
My Mum is an excellent one for hoarding away gems from her 80's and 90's wardrobe. Recently she gifted me this beautiful delicate palm lace top with pearl buttons. It's gorgeous and looks amazing worn as a bralet under sheer white tops and as a crop top with highwaited jeans, sliders and an open shirt.
Leather Backpack | Vintage
After seeing me lusting after millions of black leather backpacks on Polyvore, my very generous Mum also gave me this perfect little vintage backpack. Iv'e been wearing this to death since she gave it to me and it's officially my new favourite bag for everyday. It's little but quite roomy, and sits perfectly even over my giant Levis sherling jacket. Thanks Mum!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Top 10 Skincare & Beauty Products

I really am not much of a beauty blogger, usually when I find a product that works for me I latch onto it for dear life and excessivley re-purchase. But recently Iv'e found myself with a drawer of skincare products due to the proliferation of new and interesting products Iv'e been seeing around the place. It seems now that every weekend I pop into Boots to grab fake eyelashes for a night out, I'm also picking up a different product! Ive been using all of these products for between three months and three weeks now, so here is my review of each of my favourite skincare products!
 Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Scrub - for all skin types
This facial scrub is your seriously basic necessity, something everyone needs to have by their sink. It comes in a really handy travel sized bottle so I bring mine everywhere, if I'm going away for a weekend or on holidays or on a pamper sleepover this is the mini item I bring with me. Also the cucumber scent is quite light and refreshing. As it is from the Boots Essentials range it is really good value, only €1.99

                               Simple Spotless Skin Blackhead Eliminating Facial Scrub

If you are finding that controling blackheads is an issue for you, I highly reccommend this Simple Scrub. I don't really struggle with blackheads, but I want to keep them at bay so I use this scrub about once a week, and it seems to be working so far. The scrub claims to 'remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities' and contains witch hazel, one of my favourite skin care ingredients, to clean and tighten pores. This product is also 100% perfume and artificial color free so it's suited to sensitive skin like mine. This scrub retails from Boots for about €5.99.   

                                       Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash

This wash is amazing for my skin type, I have sensitive combination to dry skin (I know, complicated right?) and this product is perfect for gentle night or morning cleansing. I generally use this product after my more heavy duty cleanser, to remover any residue and to freshen my skin before I moisturise. It contains pro-vitamin B5 to 'activley soften and smooth skin' and, like most Simple products, has no fragrence or unnatural color. You can pick this up in Boots for €4.99.

Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian
 Or 'lait dermaquillant velours avec gentiane' if you want to be fancy about it. I adore this cleanser, the scent of it is amazing. This cleansing milk is perfect for removing heavy duty make up, like after a night out if I'm capable of more than falling into bed with my shoes on and a Supermacs curry cheese chip, I use this to remove lots of foundation and the annoying sticky debris from fake eyelash glue. My one issue is that the lait leaves a little residue and due to my sensitive skin I can't use such a heavy duty cleanser every evening. This product has lasted so long for me, I got the 400ml bottle about two years ago and it's not even half empty. This product retails from Boots for about €21 but I'm not sure exactly. Perfect if you wear lots of make up and need a good solid cleanser.

                       Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Wash-off Deep Cleansing Milk 

I love this cleanser, the scent is so so amazing, I can't do it justice by describing it but to me it smells like peach flavoured iced tea with a fresher underlying fragrence that I cant quite put my finger on, but basically it smells amazing, like all Soap & Glory products. I find this product to be quite refreshing and energising and generally use it in the morning if Iv'e forgotten to remove my make up from the day/night before. It includes peach extract, quillaja bark, detoxyboost technology and 'poreshrinkR2' (which sounds a bit made up to me). I haven't seen the improvements in my skin that it claims to give but it is an excellent cleanser and oh my God the scent.. You can pick this up in Boots for about €6.50-€8 depending on the bottle size.

                                                 ROC Energising Cleansing Mousse

I bought this product out of sheer curiosity and novelty that it's a mousse. This cleanser is very light and delicate and leaves no residue, it wipes cleanly away. It also has a very sweet scent and leaves skin feeling revitalised and cool. I generally don't use this to remove make up but use it instead to just clean my face at the end of an no-make up day at home for gentle and mild cleansing. This is about €10 on Amazon.  

Optima Australian Organic Tea Tree Cream

This is now my go to product when I feel or see a spot emerging, I use this nearly every day. It's just a soothing tea tree antiseptic cream, perfect for spots or even putting on a grazed knee after a tipsy night. A huge thanks to Jane over at Galway Style for sending me this product or else I never would have come across it and it's now my go to spot assassin. You can find this product for a very resonable €5 on Amazon. 

Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng

This liquid exfoliant has been getting a lot of hype lately thanks to it being featured in the lovely Zoella's May favourites Youtube video. Iv'e been using this product for only about 3 weeks now so I haven't seen an improvement yet but I'm looking forward to continuing to use this gentle exfoliater. Also the scent of this is gorgeous, very light and you can smell both the ginseng and the aloe vers. Thsi product retails at Boots for around €20.

                               Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 15

This is my daily morning and night moisturiser. I love that it contains an SPF as I'm pretty pale and could use all the skin protection I can get. I love this product, it's just a plain and simple lightweight moisturiser, perfect for using before and under make up and then a heavier application before bedtime. Simplicity! You can get this moisturiser from Boots for €10.99.

                                               Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

Finally, the product that is worth all the hype! I adore this moisturiser, it is light and residue free and genuinley does dry in seconds. I love all three fragrances but the cocoa radient flavour is my favourite and is a perfect light Summer scent. My only point about this product is that it can be quite cold when it sprays out of the can but it's worth it. You can grab this in three scents, 'pure oat', 'aloe fresh' and 'cocoa radiant', from Boots for €4.65.
 That's the end of my top 10 Skincare & Beauty products, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and try out some of the products for yourselves. Also, if any of you want to check out the fashion website I collaborate on, Style Eyes, and read the articles Iv'e written for them, you can check it out here.