Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fashion Fore Cast

: Square Frame Sunglasses:
For spring/summer '09, round sunglasses broke through as a hot sunglass trend, but the cool, oversized square frame shades Cynthia Rowley accessorized her spring '10 line with may flip that trend. I'm not too sure about this, as I reckon you could just end up looking like your going to see Avatar in 3D :P

: Sexy Backs :

Statement Backs on Dresses, Tee-Shirts & Shirts have been going from strength to strength since they were introduced at NYC Fashion Week in Summer '08, with designers desperatly trying to out do each other with slashed & frayed styles, but this season things are set to take a whole new level, as Zips, Pannels, Pop Colour & even feathers have been seen as models retreat down the catwalk.
:Accessorie Overload :
his trend probably doesn’t surprise you, what with the rise of bib necklaces and chunky chokers last year. But now accessories are set to get bigger and bolder, with huge earrings, hairbands and necklaces piled on, sometimes all at once. Ladies, get set to be weighed down, in a good way.


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