Sunday, 8 August 2010

Autumn Basics

Now i'm all for having a crazy varied wardrobe, but I can find dressing for every trend quite expensive, so I am attempting to make a list of The Main Trends to look out for in now to see you through Autumn/Winter 2O1O, I shall start today with the basics, the obvious, the clichè's, the things every girl or crossdresser should have in their wardrobe during every autumn/winter.. I find that nearly every Autumn, the color scheme becomes a little more muted, with red, green and purple tones nearly always becoming apparent. Texture is usually used to express ideas rather than color, and chunky or fine knits are the most practical trend, keeping you snug as well as on trend. So if you will follow me, I shall do my best to choose around 5 main items every basic Autumn/Winter wardrobe would be lost without..

The Scarf
Now a scarf is a very tricky sneaky little accessorie, as it can transform your outfit entierly! It can make it casual or dressy, depending on the scarf. Snoods are a fashionable alternative.
A chunky knit scarf can keep you warm and add pops of color to any outfit... and can be worn various ways. I have seen huuuuge chunky knit scarves being worn, and although they are warm and lovely, I find that depending on the materials they are made from, thay can be impractical due to their weight.

Scarfes that arent knitted are usually made from chiffon and are too light for autumn/winter, or else you can purchase nice ones which arent made from light materials but dont look knitted, these are usually patterened and add interest to outfits, usually being one of the key focuses of the outfit.
If your feeling lazy one day and just want to go shopping in your jeans and t-shirt, throw a scarf on top and a nice handbag and see the glowing difference in your outfit. With a simple knot our scarf is dressy, with it wrapped around your neck its casual, and you can fold it in such a way that it has a triangular look at the front (my faveourite) which gives and edgy punk feel, this is called "The Camden". No doubt it originated in London's punk central.
Scarves also allow versatility ~(as Nicole Richie demonstrates below)
They can be worn as headscarfes, belts or tied to handbags to add interest.

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