Friday, 6 August 2010

Taylor Momsen | Fashion Warrior or Slutty SchoolGirl?

As a huge fan of the hit TV Series Gossip Girl, I was used to seeing Taylor Momsen ( aka Little Jenny Humphrey) as a Brooklynn based social climber, a project of The Queen Bee Blair Waldorf's, too see how far she could be pushed. Little J made her own clothes and worked hard to get what she wanted. As for Taylor Momsen, well apparently she's a far cry from her TV alter ego. From reading Gossip Collums and magazines ( I buy every magazine in my little Corner Shop down the road, AND travel to GalwayCity when the new Vogue comes out) I have drawn the conclusion that she's spoilt, demanding and unappreciative of the lifestyle and opportunitys that have been handed to her. Apparently, on the set of GG she is sullen and rolls her eyes when a scene needs to be redone, and spends her time in her trailer alone, or if she is forced to spend time with her cast mates, she sits sulkily and refuses to make polite conversation. Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald, has stated that she makes group cast situations "awkward".
As for her band "The Pretty Reckless" I must say, I am a fan! But her stage outfits really are a bit much for someone who's just gone 17! I'm all for self expression, but hooker heels (right) and corset&hold-up combo's...? She looks like she should be on stage with a pole, not a microphone.

Although I will admit she's a beautiful girl with an enviable figure, but that brings me too wonder why someone so achingly pretty would feel the need to flaunt every tiny aspect of her body to the public, at 16 years old! Now people who are reading this that know me will be thinking "aamm Sarah, your 16 and wear skirts up to your - and goth make up.." but dear friends.... There is a difference! As for her figure, she is 5'10 or something ridiculus, and is barely 7stone apparently. A source has said that Taylor thrives on the attention she gets from being so fucking skinny. Before 2O1O, Taylor dressed like and looked like, a normal, rather boring teenage girl (left) But this year was when she really got some attitude (right)

Now I admire TayMom's style when shes not dressed like a member of the RedLight District, Her studded jackets, lacy tights, leather accessories, checkered shirts and pops of color work beautifully together. And I must say she is my make up Idol!
So as you can tell, I remain undecided on my verdict of Taylor Momsen. I believe with her its a "You-Love-It-Or-You-Hate-it" but for now i'm going to straddle the middle line.

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