Thursday, 5 August 2010

Topshop Sale

Today I was in town looking for a new wardrobe, literally a new piece of furniture, as my old one has become senile and looses my clothes within it's depths and spits clothes it doesnt like out onto the floor at every oppurtunity. After finding a fine big strapping new speciman, I wandered into town in the hopes of snatching a bargain, as I am completley and irreversably broke at the moment. I trawled the charity shops and made some amazing finds.

In The Curiosity Shop on Dominicks Street I found this distressed, studded dark greymarl dress(right) . The woman said I was the first person to buy it and it had been there for at least 20years.... Wooh, 8O's relic! In 0ne more year it will beVintage! And it was only 2quid! As for the second CharityShop Outfit....(left) The Trousers were 4euro, they are vintage cigarette pants, you cant see the buttons clearly from the photo but they have very intricate little swirls and

and patterns on them! The cream embrodieried top was 3euro and was brand new. It's originally from Topshop and the original price tag was still on it.. 46euro! And its only from Topshops Summer2010Collection! Madness! I also had a potter about in Topshop, was delighted to find they were having a Sale.. and went a bit mad, to be honest.
I bought two plain jersey dresses in the Sale, at 12euro each. They are very simple, clean lines and will work well with different accessories again and again! They are the same dress in Black and a washed out Blue. I also bought a gorgeous cotton dress with orange, pink and purple tones with a cutout detail on the was only 15euro and I was delighted because I had been eyeing in up a week ago, but before it was on Sale it was 53euro so I didnt bother getting it.

Ialso purchased these retro inspired light denim frayed cut-off highwaisted shorts, thes were 22euro on Sale and 38euro before the sale! Iv'e been looking for a classic pair of denim shorts for ages and these fit the bill nicely! I splurged on these round framed vintage looking sunglasses, because iv'e loved round glasses since Gaga's Paparazzi Video, but I find the black styles very harsh so when I found these brown ones I fell in love a little bit, and 23euro is, i think, a low price to pay for love!

So my last acquisition of the day was a pair of Converse Hi-Top's. I adore Hi-Tops, especially Converse, Pastry, Nike, and Vans new HiTop range, so I was ecstatic to find these on Sale in G2Shoes for 50euro down from 70! I also bought funky shoelaces as I like to but a toucj of individuality in every aspect of my life, including my shoes!
And that my friends, is my dy of Bargain Hunting!
i plan to have lots more blogs up soon!

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