Sunday, 13 March 2011

*Awkward Silence*

So, it's been three months since my last post, if anyone out there missed me i'd like to appologise! Iv'e been super busy with school work for the Leaving Cert and working on my Portfolio for Art College and going to interviews and a few other projects that I just havent had time! For example, the only reason this post is being created is because its 11pm on Sunday night, and in all honesty I should be in bed, but my uniform is'nt finished in the washing machine yet, so I have to wait up and put it in the dryer before I go to sleep! And iv'e probably put you to sleep with a long ramble about my washing machine, excellent...

I'm not sure what to write, i'm so out of practice!
Nothing wildly exciting has been going on with me, other that that firstly and foremostly it is Lent and although I have little to no Christian values (my crucifix necklaces are predominantly and only a fashion statement, not a nod to underlying religious morals) iv'e always thought Lent is a good time to break bad habits or start good ones, so exactly five days and three cigarettes ago, I quit smoking for the.. sixth time? It's been a New Years Resolution of mine for three years running, including this year, and everytime they bump up the price of a box of twenty I have a fit about taxation scandles and quit, but obviously I never stick to it. This time I am determined! I am limiting myself to one cigarette a day, and I am, quite possibly, the crankiest I have ever been in my life.

I've also spent rather a lot of time in Dublin over the past month, have made the trip up & down three times, four times on Tuesday coming. Iv'e applied to a few colleges up there,so have been at interviews, and I love Dublin, the shopping is amazing! I mean Galway is okay, but we only have the basics, theres no Bershka, H&M, Forever21, Zara, Stradavarious, etc.. and the Topshops, River Islands, Primarks etc.. get everything weeks before the Galway stores and often lines are not even sent to western stores! So iv'e been shopping up there as much as possibe, and I also visited the National Musuem and the Tutankhamun Exhibition in the RDS with my Art class on a school trip. I have a 'thing' for museums so I really enjoyed myself, and I thought the Egyption exhibition was brilliant as I love that era.
I bought lot's of things, too many to mention without photos, and my camera is slightly broken at the moment so I wont go into details, I'll do a Dublin haul after I go up on Tuesday, and on Tuesday i'm aiming to hunt down and devour American Apparel and St.Georges Street Arcade, as iv'e never been, and Chinablue in TempleBar (where I got my first pair of Doc's three years ago!) to get a new pair of Doc's. I'm thinking yellow. My more functional reson for making the commute is that I ahve to collect my portfolio from a College as I have another interview on Monday 21st in Limerick School of Art&Design, so iv'e a hectic week ahead!

It was my Birthday yesterday, seventeen at last! I'm nearly the last person in my year to turn seventeen, most are eighteen, some nineteen. It's kind of crazy that in come September i'll have my own flat, be going to college etc. and only be seventeen! I think my age is my worst enemy at the moment as I know many colleges have their reservations about underage students, but it's okay, I have a Plan B if my college aspirations dont work out according to plan. I got a few great presents, off my friends and family, mostly clothes and money, the usual, except this year all presents have been outdone by one in particular. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am fianally getting my tattoo!!!! Iv'e been wanting a tattoo since I was about twelve, and I have about five lined up that I want, so i'm starting with the smallest, but i'm not giving anything away yet incase my Mum changes her mind about it, as its my present from her, so keep your fingers crossed for me! I had a nice quiet Birthday with just my closest friends over for a few drinks, a takeaway and laugh, a girls night in! I thought it was a nice change from the constant go-go-go of the past year. I find quiet nights in are the only real way to go with my Birthday anyway as St.Patricks Day is only inch's away and most people are saving their money, energy etc. for the seventeenth of the month. Overshadowed by a saint, well I never...
The Saint Patricks Day Plan is as always, Eyre Square around 2pm, Hole In The Wall at 6pm, green beer and questionable green outfits in forty shades.
I also thing i'm going to the Vaccines Gig on the 27th with my friend Eileen, so that shall be fun! (For a taste of their sound I recommend 'Post Break-Up Sex') I really wanted to go to the Mumford & Sons gig on the 15th but I couldnt get a ticket.

I'm starting to get really excited for this Summer, and I know it's early, but i'm mentally planning my Oxegen wardrobe! Blue Camp? See you there!
The Line-up includes : Coldplay, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, The Coronas, Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182, Paolo Nutini, The Script, Deadmau5, Ke$ha, The National, Primal Scream, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, My Chemical Romance, Pendulum, Weezer, Beady Eye, Brandon Flowers, Swedish House Mafia, Bruno Mars, Chase and Status, Eels, Two Door Cinema Club, Jessie J, Bright Eyes, Leftfield, Friendly Fires, Imelda May, Calvin Harris, Jimmy Eat World, Sven Vath, Hurts, Crystal Castles, Bloody Beetroots, Jenny and Johnny, House of Pain, Steve Aoki, The Vaccines, All Time Low, Noah and the Whale, Crookers, Fight Like Apes, Mona, The Naked and Famous, Ryan Sheridan, The Minutes, Bipolar Empire, and Madison.
I cannot wait for Weezer, Coldplay, Pendulum, Jessie J, Bloody Beetroots, All Time Low and Deadmau5 in particular, they are my must-sees, though Iv'e already seen All Time Low, Two Door Cinema Club, The Coronas, and by that stage The Vaccines, I'm still fucking pumped for it!
And my festival look at the moment includes lots of face paint and feathered head-dresses...

Okay, My uniform's dry now so I shall leave you with a few recommendations for this month.. Firstly if your going to buy just one magazine this month, make sure its Company's High Street Edit. It's pricey at 6.O5 but well worth it! If your going to buy any other magazines make sure their Cosmopolitan, featuring 245 Shoes and Bags and a cute spread featuring flirty 5O's style clothes and accessories, and of course Vogue, the only Bible I read, regardless of whether or not it's Lent. Also i'm really into chilled music this month, like Weezer-Island In The Sun, Counting Crows-Yellow Taxi & I Blame Coco-Self Machine. My main song of the month is Sky Ferreira-17, in honour of my Birthday! And I'm still obsessed with Sky's hair..Oh how I regret my undercut! Anyways, my appologies that this Blog has no relevant information, i'm basically using it to clear my mind! C'est tout!

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