Saturday, 7 April 2012

Chanel Pre-Fall 2O12

Chanel's Pre-Fall 2012 Collection was a breathtaking marriage of Middle East meets Parisian West, aptly the show is entitled "Paris-Bombay"
“We’ve had Paris-London, we’ve had Paris-Shanghai, so it felt like time to go off the circuit, to somewhere less expected,” exclaimed Karl Lagerfeld after his show.
The spectators were seated at long dining tables, the clothes delicately stitched with the Chanel double C logo, and tables decorated with silver candle sticks and flat ware.
The clothes themselves were a menagerie of light linens to the staple Chanel tweed.
Lagerfelds inspirations were with no doubt the Maharajas , with the rich flourishes of multiple pearl strands, gold lame and beaded bag straps, draping sillhuettes and lush materials.

It is known that Coco Chanel was a fan of the rich jewels and souks on India, and this element is portrayed by the richly jeweled bindis and multi strand necklaces.

Flats and loose draping were seen in almost every look, a welcome turn to casual for the haute couture fashion house. None the less, every piece of fabric was adorned some way, whether it be made from a luxurious fabric such as mohair or silk, or simple adorned with beads or a broach.

The color pallet ranged from white and cream to silvery black, with pops of pink and blue sparingly used.

The collection is as diverse as it is stunning, with some pieces being purely Indian, and others manage to be completely Chanel.

Classic Chanel jackets and Nehru collars met and entwined beautifully with each other, setting off the chiffon wisps and tweet hints.

Long white boots facading as leggings were featured in almost every look and added a crisp feature to some of the otherwise dreamy looks.

The ratty dreadlocked hair was a clever nod to the other side of India, the eccentricies and counter culture that resides there.

Heavy beading and embellishment gave the pieces a majestic feel fit for a king, or in this case, a Raj.

Decadent head chains and pieces wove from bindis and through dreadlocked hair/

Saris in unusual materials such as molten gold and silver lame came and went, oozing the Indian meet Parisian theme of the show.

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