Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Timeless Truth Miracle Masks Review | BeautyBelle.ie

Hey guys,
As I'm sure you've all noticed, winter is upon us, and with it for me comes a whole host of skin problems.
Having the honor of being blessed with extremely sensitive, dry to combination skin, my skin's adaption to winter rarely runs smoothly. 

It takes issue with the return of icy, skin chapping winds and being blasted with central heating at every available opportunity, so, like a wayward teen, it inevitable throws a tantrum, usually resulting in patchy, dry skin complete with a smattering of spots.

I am always trying out a new moisturizer (La Roche Posay is a personal sensitive skin savior) and new methods of brightening up my complexion. 

Luckily, I was contacted by Beautybelle.ie, Ireland's newest online beauty emporium which hosts a menagerie of high quality skin care products,to try out a few of their new Timeless Truth sheet masks.  

Being a lover of all things Korean beauty inspired, sheet masks are kind of my jam, so I was really looking forward to giving my skin some much deserved TLC. 

The first mask I tried was the Timeless Truth Deep Sea Algae Moisturising Mask. I graduated from my journalism degree this week (outfit pictures to come) and had my graduation ball to go to, so I wanted to give my skin a good drenching before the indulgent weekend.

The mask smelled so nice, like jasmine, and the cotton sheet was saturated with product. I applied to to my face and settled in. My skin always stings when I apply moisturizer because it's so sensitive so I wasn't alarmed when it stung a little. I let the algae serum soak in for 20mns and peeled the sheet off, reveling plumped up and moisturized skin.

Unfortunately I do have one warning about this product. The next day my skin was very irritated and my eyes were slightly swollen. 
I read the ingredients thourally and cursed myself when I saw the ingredient hexyl cinnamal, an ingredient I am too sensitive for. 

This oil is derived from a chamomile compound very similar to cinnamon(and it is closely related to cinnamaldehyde)which I'm also allergic to (yes, Christmas is a minefield) so my skin did have an adverse reaction.

I have to stress that this is totally my fault as I didn't read the ingredients properly, and the initial results from the mask were excellent. Cinnamon is a very rare allergy so 99.999% of people need not worry, I just had to tell the honest tale of what happened. I'm so sorry I couldn't give you guys a proper review, but you can check out the mask for yourselves here if you'd like to give it a go.

The second mask I opted to try was the one I was most excited about, the Bio Cellulose Bee Venom + Royal Jelly Miracle Mask.

This mask promises to plump out the skin using the bee venom, which is touted as nature's answer to botox. This is an award winning product so I was expecting big things. The mask was very jelly-ish and felt very nourishing on the skin.

I also massaged the remaining product into my skin after removing the mask as instructed. My skin felt soft straight after, but the most noticeable changes came the following day.

I have some fine lines under my eyes which were visibly improved, and the red discoloration which dapples across my sensitive skin areas like chin and cheeks was basically eliminated. 

I think this mask is definitely suited to skin that needs a little pick-me-up, especially in the Irish winter months, when skin is battling the elements for weeks on end, and I would definitely use it again especially for treating patchiness.

I want to say a massive thank you to Beautybelle.ie for collaborating with me on this post, and next time I'l be sure to read ALL the ingredients. 

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