Sunday, 10 October 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Hello all :)
This weekend has been quite delightful!
(above photo from a random jaunt around Tesco's)
I went shopping on saturday and bought quite a few things in Penneys and a vintage store called Public Romance.
Penneys have rather a lot of lovely things in store at the moment. Lots of lace and nude, military, velvet, vintage style gold jewellery and sweet navy jackets with gold buttons! I got two skirts, one beige pleated cotton with a visable lacy slip and another which is basically a white tiered slip, very similar to ones in River Island but for about a fifth of the price.

A nude lace dress( well it was actually a neglagee but i liked it so whatever) which is really cute, lace bodice and full netted skirt.

I also got some necklaces, one a pendant with a little bird cage and the other a sign saying "LUCK" with lots of whimsicle little charms hanging off it.

I have a thing for knuckledusters so I bought a gold flowery one for about 3euro.. Love Penneys!

Public Romance is a vintage shop in Galway City. It sells everything from 80's RayBans to 20's
flapper dresses. I picked up a Legit USA ARMY military camoflage jacket.. it even has the poor soildiers draft number sewed into the inside, along with instructions on how to turn the jacket into a protective tent in the case of their being an Agent-Orange Bomb Drop.. Gotta love vintage!

I also got a pendant from the seventies (apparently) with a cute little picture of a kitten smoking a pipe with the slogan "no smoking" accross the bottom.!

Another brilliant thing, my giant shipment of clothes I ordered last week from arrived! I got an abundance of things so il'l only write about my favourites..
I got my hands on a grey crop top with "New York" written accross it.. thought that was fitting due to New York being the place i'm setting out for as soon as i'm through with college!
Live the American Dream! I'll probably wear it with my summer denim high-waisted shorts and pattrened tights. I snagged a few skirts, a floral yellow one, a cream net and silk one, and my favourite off the haul, a black with red spotted ballerina skirt.

I only got one dress, a LBD with gold eyelet detailing on the bodice and a full net skirt..generic and safe but nice all the same!

I quite like, the quality of the clothes is quite good, the only complaint i would have is that the clothes arent precisley as they are described on the website, for example the New York top i got has diamantes around the the photo on the website did not have dimantes nor did the description mention diamantes at all... and i'm really not a fan of diamantes! I removed them but it was quite a hassel!

I also recently bought a furry leopard print coat! Thats a tick off my autumn wishlist! I got it in New Look,it is beautifuuul

I wont be writing any Blogs this week, as I have an extremly hectic week starting tomorrow!
Tomorrow I have school, then Tuesday is my ParentTeacherMeeting, Wednesday i'm going down to Limerick to look at an Art&Design course in Limerick Institute of Technology, Wednesday Night im flying to Manchester in England, Thursday Night im going to the Professor Green Concert, Friday im shopping in Manchester and Friday Night im flying home to Ireland! So no more Blogs untill maybe Sunday! Im so super excited about Manchester! Iv'e heard its really excellent for shopping! And I'm a HUGE Professor Green Fan!
To top off my brilliant weekend, on Saturday it was one of my best friend Ashleys birthday party! Happy Birthday!
Listening to:
Goldfrapp- Strict Machine
Florence & the Machine- Dog Days are over
The Pretty Reckless- Medicine
Eliza Doolittle- Pack up
all old songs, i know, but things only better with age )

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