Saturday, 2 October 2010

Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans

Yesterday I strolled into Brown Thomas to sigh wistfully and touch the shiny leather of the KG shoes, when I spotted Marilyn Monroe sparkling at me from across the room.
Under closer inspection, I could tell it was the Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans Collection! (due to the large sign above the rack of clothes)

I myself am a huge fan of Andy Warhol, he changed the Art world forever, blurring the lines between what could be deemed art and what couldnt. Born in 1928, He was a painter, printmaker and film-maker, who led an Art Movement called Pop Art. He became very famous and moved in the same circles as celebrities. He was a groundbreaking and a nonconformer, who glamourised drug use and same-sex relationships, which at the time was very shocking and frowned upon..

The Collection includes all Warhols main designs and prints, on t-shirts dresses and jackets.
Mostly cotton t-shirts and sequined dresses in bright colours, the collection is something fun and different, depicting the different aspects of Warhols work.

The collection is quite pricey but a statement jacket or easy-to-wear t-shirt could be just what your wardrobe needs for a kitch little lift..

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