Thursday, 23 September 2010

Be Yourself

Imagine this, your flicking your way through facebook and you stumble across a photo from a year ago, maybe two.. does it make you think about the kind of person you were then? Have you changed? Have you been through a few 'phases'? I think its good for people to go through phases in their lives, exploring different styles and expierences, listening to different music and doing different things. I think it helps you discover who you are, growing throughout the process!

 Three years ago I didnt really have a style, I wore tracksuit bottems, UGG's and Abercrombie hoodies, and drank Tesco Wine in parks! About two years ago I probably would have stereotyped myself as a 'Scene Kid', big hair, colored skinny jeans, bow clips and HelloKitty/Band Tees.

Nowadays I wear what I want, whatever I want, i know I can incorporate any style and translate it into what I want it to say about me. Fashion is how you express who you are, and experimenting with it helps you discover that, no stereotypes needed. People may not like what you look like, what you wear, but that really doesnt matter, as long as your being true to yourself! Your friends arent going to disown you for expressing your own style, even if its different to theirs, and if they do then their not true friends! If you worry about what random people are going to think, then your never going to enjoy yourself! Who wants to be invisible?

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