Monday, 13 September 2010

Autumn WishList

Greetings! Every Season i make a List of up to 5 'investments' for my wardrobe (investments meaning usually there so ludacrisly overpriced that my Mom has to come on the shopping trips, armed with her credit card) This Summer my investment pieces were
1. New highwaisted demim shorts
2. Military jacket
3. Converse Hi-Tops
4. Brown Leather Satchel (Mulberry Look-a-like)

And i'm pleased to say they've earned their place as basics in my wardrobe!

Now, for Autumn i himmed and hawed and sighed and grumbled whilst whittling down my wishlist, but I think i'm on the way to a solid list to see me through the autumn..

1. UGG's
Comfy, Casual, saves toes from Irelands cold hard winters.
Dont judge me, hardcore fashionistas, my brogues arent gonna keep me warm on the winter highstreet! I hate cheapo fake UGG's so i'm saving my lunch money up for real UGG's (my allowance is automatically blown on ShopStreet every Saturday). I already have a pair of HelloKitty UGG's that I worship day and night, but they arent the best quality, and I dar'ent risk wear them out and about too often as I fear someday they will just fall apart and I will be standing in Brown Thomas or Lipsy or somewhere deliciously snobby and HelloKitty stitches burst and im left standing on two cardboard/rubber soles with scraps of suade and string and HelloKitty embrodeiry surrounding my feet, whilst Juicy Couture clad blonde girls sneer and snigger at my sham's of footwear, and skip away in their legit sheepskin UGG-ery....

2.FauxFur Leopard Print Jacket
Have wanted one of these since forever and ever, my Mom has one but its a seventies relic and moults when you take it out of ite protective cover (boo, hiss)
But Lord bless us and save us, there are hundreds of them popping up in River Island and Topshop as we speak!
I have had many incidents with fur coats in my time, I did try one on in a Vintage store before, and by Vintage store I mean posh scary Vintage store not fun hidden treasure Vintage store. I went to town one day and while there we visited the shop (which shall remain nameless) and I saw the lovely furry coat, and ignoring the evils from the Cashier Lady, tried it on.. I twirled, I whirled, I snuggled, I checked the price tag, I nearly fainted. Four Thousand Euro. I dropped that coat like it was last years plimsoles and ran away, a mixture of fear and respect coursing through me. I now understood the dirty looks!
My second experience was recently, in a second hand store with my friend. Found a fauxfur leopard print coat, tried it on, nearly keeled over with the weight of it. End of.
But thanks to lighter highstreet versions, i will be free to strut my stuff free of the fear of being weighed down by more than my shopping!

3.Leather Shorts
I saw Alexa Chung wearing a pair of leather shorts and my heart skipped a beat! Being an enigmatic fan of leather, i knew i needed them. I have leather jackets, a leather dress, skirt, and trust me I lusted long & hard after Celines leather tee! So my conclusion is, I need me some leather shorts! I wont be wearing my leather dress and skirt often this season, or my leather jackets as I will have other jackets to take their place, so i need some androgynous leather shorts to mix up my looks...

Thats my WishList so far... It will be updated! Thank you for reading!

Listening to: Sky Ferreira- 17
The Pretty Reckless- Miss Nothing
KingdomHearts-My Sanctuary

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