Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Something creeping, In the Night

Oh Halloween, how I love you and your wicked merryment!
This Halloween I went out clubbing in Central Park, which is the biggest club in the city I live in. The place was done up to the nines with floating heads, creepy puppets suspended from the ceiling, blood painted on the walls, and messages bloodily engraved into the glass walls, zombie dancers, decapitated heads, floating torsos, themed drinks, miles of spiders web and prizes for best dressed! I was a Zombie Alice In Wonderland, as the theme of the night was "Zombie Prom", so most people were Zombie-something-or-others. The event was held in association with Bavaria Beer so everybody got a free pint or two!
I saw loads of ace costumes, like a JCB, a chest of drawers, the Cookie monster etc.
My friends all looked awesome, there were Zombies, a Zebra, a Corpse Bride&Groom, Ninja Turtles, Disney princesses, Lady Gaga, the Mad Hatter, Bat Man, The Jersey Shore Boys, Oompa-Loompas, and my costume highlight of the night, DeadMau5!

It was a brilliant night, with hardly any drama, Best Halloween so far!
Last year i went to a Halloween HouseParty on the 29th, and was Lady Gaga, but on actual Halloween night I went to a friends little get-together, had some Corona and lit sparklers.

The year befor that I do believe I was a scantily clad schoolgirl and went "bushing" (ie. drinking in a field/forest) and to a bonfire. Where I was rather cold, may I add. The year before that i was a neon yellow rave slave, and the year before that? Well i'm ashamed to say I was in fact a Playboy Bunny.
Halloween is one of my favourite times of year, I love the decorations and the sinister side to the fun. I love the costumes and the chill in the air. I love the leftover candy that stays in your house untill January.. Halloween is just super awesome!
This Midterm break I went to Longford fot two days and was invited to a Fancy Dress there too!
Saw people dressed as Goths, Babies, Cows, Chickens, Brazillian Life Guards, Jack Skellington and Wagner from the X-Factor! Very amusing!
I know its November now, but i'm still in the Halloween mood.. I think i'm going to go put the kettle on and watch "The Nightmare Before Xmas" or "Psycho" or some Halloween Classic like that.. ta taa

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