Tuesday, 9 November 2010


So iv'e finally got around to writing a blog about Manchester! Right now i'm meant to be writing my History Project but, there is a severe lack of enthusism on my behalf for that so i'l tell my teacher I had writers block! (At the end of this Blog I have included phot's of about a third of what I bought in Manchester)
In October I went to Manchester with my friend Orla to go to a Proffessor Green Concert and shopping. The concert was brilliant, it was in a small venue and we got right up to the front of the barrier and were less than a meter away from Professor Green at all times! I gave an interview for Professor Green TV also so thats probably floating around the interweb somewhere. I was so excited! We went on the 14th October at a ridiculous time, i think our check in was 3am, and arrived in Manchester Airport in the early morning.

We got cab straight to our hotel and then, buzzing with excitement, shunned the sleep idea and hit Primark! It was unbelievably huge and everything seemed so much cheaper in Pounds Sterling! I bought loads of things, mostly tea dresses and huge rings and a cute pair of cream brouges. We skipped home laden down with our Primark (a much more exciting name than Penneys, dont you think!) and fell straight to sleep.

When we woke up ther was just two hours left before the concert so we rushed around getting ready, hopped on a bus, and went to the gig! The gig was fantastic and we made a few friends in the Que! Professor Green really got into his songs and interacted with the audience.

After the gig we went home to put on some heels to go clubbing in, but that never happened, the Biker Boots stayed on and we hit the town!

The clubs were mentle and made me realise how much of a rip off drink prices are in Ireland! The style was class, most of the lads wore checkered shirts, slogan tees and turned up denim with brogues and Vans, and the girls were either very boho or WAG-ish, it was a sharp divide! It was brilliant for clubbing and we didnt get home untill 9am. The Next morning we went to China Town where I picked up a few Abercrombie bits, and then to the Old Tarfford Shopping Centre where I was in total heaven.. I cannot begin to describe it, the shopping centre itself was beautiful, absolutley massive and housed every shop imaginable, Zara, H&M, AnnSummers, RiverIsland, TopShop, Harrods, Lipsy, Kurt Geiger...

the list is endless! I blew most of my cash in Zara & H&M and then we ate lunch in the gigantic food court, which had a nautical theme, complete with Titanic-esque ship and pool!
Then with heavy heart and much carry-on luggage, we boarded the plane back to Ireland :(
So overall, I cant wait to go back to Manchester, theres a slight chance I can in January, so Fingers crossed!

Rings: both Primark

Dress: Primark Top: H&M

Bag: Primark Scarf: Zara

Dress: Unknown. Sorry I cant remember!

Another thing i'm looking forward to is the NCAD (National College of Art&Design) open day on 2nd December, in Dublin. Should be awesome, might do a bit of street style blooging while im in Dublin 'cause the style is unreal! Cannot wait to visit the new Forever21 Store thats opening soon in Dublin aswell, so the 2nd will be be a busy day for me! And dont even get me started on the Lanvin for H&M collaberation, hitting stores November 23rd! The collection Includes shoes, clothes and beauthy products, so get saving!

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