Friday, 26 November 2010

Hello Kitty Store Opening

I do believe all my dreams have come true, a Hello Kitty Shop has opened in Galway!
If you know me at all, you will know that for many years I have harnessed a deep passionate love for all things Hello Kitty.

The store opened yesterday evening, and is located in Eyre Square shopping Center in the inner entrance from Eyre Square, on the ground floor.
The shop is small but ridiculously crammed with Hello Kitty merchandise :) They have everything, from mittens to headphones, to hair dryers and handbags!

It was mostly children's things like schoolbags and lunchboxes and teddies and fluffy stationary, but there was also jewellery, phone charms, straighteners, t-shirts, purses, hats, christmas cards, posters, key-rings, umbrellas, alarm clocks, make up bags, laptop bags, mouse-pads, handbags and toothbrushes.

There was even home decor with blankets, cutlery, mugs, cups, saucers, plates, bins, rugs and household appliances!

The prices were very fair in comparison to what you would normally have to pay to get Hello Kitty stuff shipped to Ireland, for example I bought a massive mug( see above)
for about 10Euro which I dont think is too shabby at all! Another thing I got is a phone charmy-dangly yoke for 3.95. Its pretty huge, when i have my phone in my pocket the charm doesnt fit so now I jingle wherever I walk! Yesterday was a school day so I went into town on the train after school and was giggling and clapping and being generally over-excited for the 10minutes it takes to get into town. Then i made my way down to Eyre Square Shopping Center and before I knew it, I was in front of the store :D

I nearly had to sit down and put my head between my knees, but NO, I contained myself and ran in, practicly kicking little children out of my way. So really I didnt contain myself at all!
I made great friends with the guy working there, who was surprisingly calm for someone who gets to spend 9-5 with Hello Kitty herself. I have nicknamed him Mr.Kitty, because when I asked him his name it just sort of sounded like 'Sauce-pan Head' so I didnt want to ask again..
Cant wait to go in tomorrow! Iv'e made a little wish list off all the kitty things I need so slowly but surley i'll be adding to my already slightly embaressingly large Hello Kitty Collection.
Par Example..
This is just random HelloKitty things that were in easy places like my on my bed, on my dresser, and on my little bedside tables! Some soft-toys, sweets MAC Hello Kitty MakeUp range
(I stocked up) my alarm clock, bodylotion, jewellery box, makeup bag blah blah blah!
I almost shudder to think how much HK stuff I would find if I actually went looking properly!

Anyways, The new HK Store is great, especially if your a freakish die-hard HK fan like me! But even if your not, have a peek in, it is good quality merchandise at very good prices!
Oh and Mr.Kitty let me in on the answer to a very often asked question, and that is:
Why doesnt Hello Kitty have a mouth?
Apparently, its because she does not need a mouth to express her happieness, because she is so inwardly happy with herself.
Straight up I was like bullshit, because she talks in her tv show and DVDs. Which I have never watched. Ever.


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