Monday, 13 December 2010


Ah, December, such a delightful month, full of scarves, carols, snow and tins of Roses.
Theres a few things going on this month, firstly of all, the X-Fsctor Final was last night. Matt Cardle was the over all winner, with Rebecca Ferguson coming second and boy-band One Direction coming third. Throughout the show the acts I supported were Katie, Aidan and Matt, so I was so happy when he won! He's such a nice genuine guy, and has an amazing voice, and every performance by him was unreal!

Aidan was fantastic, not to mention incredibly gorgeous, I adored his version of 'Diamonds are Forever', and I loved loved loved Katie's style. Thought I almost cried when she cut off all her hair, I so loved the dramatic sweep of blonde curls. My favourite performance by her had to be the Jungle Book Song she sang on guilty pleasure week.

In the Final Show, my votes went to One Direction & Matt. One Dirtection were so brilliant, ridiculously handsome and never failed to wow in their performances, I think their definitley going to go far.

Other memorable contestants were Mary Byrne and Cher Lloyd.
Mary Byrne was a lovely lady, a real Mammy type! But I didnt bother voting for her as I knew there was no profitable space on the market for her style of music. Cher Lloyd, how I wish she had sang more than she rapped. I thought her voice was great, but the raps..well I thought they absolutley sucked. She ruined 'Love The Way You Lie' for me, thought I loved how ironic it was that the night she was kicked off she sang 'Tonights Gonna Be A Good Night'. Bye Cher, dont forget to turn your swag off on the way out. Also, I was watching a YouTube video the other day where a fellow blogger was expressing her frustration over the Cher Lloyd bandana craze.. I agree with most points she made, it is annoying for people who have thrown bandana's (not the full head triangle affairs of 5th class, the folded over headband styles) onto their heads for years, totally undisturbed by them, now every two seconds it's 'wher'd you get your bandanas?' or 'Ah yer only copying that Cher Lloyd'. NO i'm not, Iv'e been sticking a bandana in my hair for nearly two years so boo sucks :)

Another Interesting thing this month was the Two Door Cinema Club gig I went to last Thursday Night with a gang of friends. The gig was brilliant and there was a crazy mosh pit. Ted by 'Thewo Door Cinema Club were supported by The Cast Of Cheers, ansd Not Squares, who were both class and really pumped up the crowd. The only bad thing I have to say is that, like at every gig, there were a few drugged up people ruining it for everyone!

But the music and atmosphere was amazing, it was an over-18 gig so the drink was flowing and everyone was going crazy, it was one of the best nights out so far this year! Me and my friend Eileen got right up to the barrier which was so cool and I got some serious photos of the three boys! Two Door Cinema Club is an indie-electro band from Northern Ireland. Id recommend all their songs but especially 'Something Good Can Work, ' Cigarettes In the Theatre', and 'What You Know. OH and 'I can Talk' and... Ok just all of them!

(Socs, Niamh, Meaghan, Me,Roisin)
Im trying to think, did anything else happen recently.. Oh of course theres the extreamly depressing Budget. For those of you who dodnt live in Ireland, you may or may not know that Ireland is in an extreamly seriously Recession. Actually if your from a different country, we've probably borrowed money off you! Although, the Recession didnt stop Myself and a few friends head up to Dublin last week to visit the NCAD Open Day and the new Forever21 store in the Jervis Center.

Dublin was class, I thought the snow was deep in Galway, well I was wrong, It was mental in Dublin! We got the train up crazily early at around half seven, and got there aroung ten fifteen, what with delays because of the snow. We got the Luas to Smithfield and walked to NCAD from there (a bad idea in UGG's) . NCAD was so cool, I loved it! The quality of work was really high and the campus was pretty cool! We bought some really good art supplies in the NCAD Art Supply Shop and headed to the Jervis Center for coffee and a major shopping spree. I was super worked up for Forever21, but was left sorely disapointed, I only bought 2 things, only one of which I think is nice enought to feature in this Blog! I got a gorgeous thick red flannell checked shirt, and a crucifix necklace. I thought the new New Look was so good, they had an amazing Sale on!

Then it was H&M time, which thankfully didnt dissapoint, although I was a little down that they didnt have the Lanvin Collaboration in store yet. I got quite a few things, a dress, rings, some Hello Kitty Bath and Shower gels, a Ramones top in the mens section and a bright green leopard print top. Then we went to Primark on the Main Street and I got an amazing top with feathered shoulders and some grey Biker boots.
When back in Galway I got some unbelievable Shearling and Leather boots for the rest of the Winter in River Island, which I think are my best buy of the season.

One random purchase I feel the urge to make is the Feathered Head-Dress from Topshop.. I have an intense need to be an indian at a houseparty or something.. I loved the one in Urban Outfitters by Bitching&Junkfood, which is one of my favourite labels!

But unfortunatley I couldnt justify spendidng £100 on a head-dress, even if it was by Bitching&Junkfood, but £40 by TopShop? That I can deal with.


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