Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A Slightly Disasterous Start

As I'm presuming you read from the above title, my Christmas plans and preperations have been hindered a little this year, what with the late arrival of our Christmas tree and the Antartic style weather forcasts.
Dont get me wrong, I adore Christmas, but unfortunatly, the discovery of the non-exestance on St.Nic' really put a damper on my Christmas Spirit! I found out when I was around 8, which I think is pretty young seeings as my little sister is nine and she still believes. I was told by one little girl in Primary school whos parents told her. so she decided to ruin it for the rest of us. I pretended that I still believed untill I was around 11, mostly for my little siblings benefit, but still most Christmas's since I found out iv'e had to be woken at mid-day to open my presents. Or one memorable year I was awoken by two extreamly over-excited four-and-five year olds at 4.30am, who insisted I go downstairs and open my presents.

I, like many, intended to get the last of my Christmas shopping done on Saturday the 18th, but due to the 'adverse' weather conditions I was forced to postpone my trip, and by the time I finally got into town there was very little to get excited about at first glance, but under closer inspection I picked up a few gems. I got my Chris Cringle Present out of the way, and the presents for my family. I also (dont judge, they were all on Sale) got some quick presents for myself, as there were multiple early Sales on, like in River Island, New Look and Primark (Yeah, I didnt think Penneys could possibly have Sales either) I needed outfits for Thursday the 23rd ( Big Xmas Night Out with my friends) Christmas Day, and St.Stephens Night.
Unfortunatley I only achieved the aquisition of a Thursday outfit, and I'm pretty proud to say it's mostley from Primark but doesnt look it! Primark has so many gorgeous things at the moment, especially knit wear and accessories.

Any way, I got a mini-haul so I better get started..
Firstly, a few weeks back I got a pair of black velvet high-waisted micro-shorts which I wore to Two-Door-Cinema-Club. I got loads of questions about them so I'm letting you all know I got them in Penneys for 10euro. When I was in Penneys on Saturd ay I got the same pair again but this time in midnight blue velvet in the Sale for 3euro!

In Penneys I also bought a cream/beige lace and embroidery dress in the Sale for 8euro down from 21euro.

Another item I bought recently, wore too Two-Door-Cinema-Club and got some questions about was a cream lace crop-top with scalloped hem and a black satin peter pan collar with black satin buttons. I bought this a few weeks ago in New Look for 25euro andI absolutley adore it!

I also went into the HelloKitty shop (as I do most days) and got some black kitty shaped earrings. Mr.Kitty said that the Hello Kitty shop may not be staying untill February due to lack of public interest, and may be closing as soon as the first week of the new year! I am appalled at you, Public!
I was rooting around in my wardrobe today and I dug out this amazing dress I forgot I even owned! Its the Taylor Momsen dress from the limited edition Gossip Girl at Ms.Selfridge range about 6months ago, I cant believe I forgot I have it! It looks like a shoe-in to be worn at some stage over the Crimbo Holidays! Its cram and black lace with a black pearl and silk bodice corsage..
So thats my pathetic Sales mini-haul!
Last weekend was the closing weekend of the Eyre Square Christmas market. (The Galway Continental Christmas Market) it ran from November 19th-December 19th, and to be honest, it's a welcome feature in Galway City! It had stalls selling everything from wooden ornaments, foreign and local food(including crocodile, ostrich and kangaroo burgers, which im now quite partial to), and knitwear to Litre pints of German Beer, jewellery and confectionary. There was also an Indian Teepee for children to play in, and a Santa's Grotto for kids to go visit the man himself. It was an excellent feature and got brilliant reviews, so fingers crossed it will be back next year!

Another question i keep getting asked is where do I get my bandannas. Well Ive' already had my Cher Lloyd mini-rant, spurred by someone saying, 'Oi, you look like that Cher Lloyd from the back with that yoke on your head'. So anyway I got my black, dark blue, green and white of some of my wanna-be gangster lad friends a couple of years ago. The red I got in the Army Surplus store, the pink off a friend. The rest I got in the Biker Stall 'Hell For Leather' in Eyre Square and off E-Bay, Hope thats helpful!

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