Saturday, 1 October 2011


Once again, appologies for my lack of dedication to VintageVenom, BUT for once I have a semi-decent excuse, seeings I started College a few weeks ago. I'm doing an Art Portfolio Course in Galway, where I live, so it's pretty cool, I love art so it was an obvious choice for me. So Iv'e been really busy with that, it's pretty intense, basically like a bootcamp drawing the same things over and over and over until it's perfect, but I like it it's pretty laid back for fag breaks and the like, and I met some really nice people so happy days. :]

Iv'e kindof been thinking about other things to do with my blog other than updating randomly after forgetting for weeks. I have a few ideas for up and coming blogs so hopefully i'll have one up every week from now on if I have time! I'm also toying with the idea of doing outfit of the day updates, 'cause iv'e seen loads videos and blogs doing this and I really like them so maybe I might try it it out, maybe, I get asked often enough where I get my clothes so if I do outfit posts I'll include where I got them and the like..I don't know though, sometimes I think the Outfit of The Day thing is quite narsacistic and I don't want to come across that way but I think it's a cool idea.. Meh.
Seeings this is an Update Post and not an actual Blog I may as well say I'm getting my hair done on Monday, possibly dying it Rihanna red but knowing me I'l have my mind changed by tomorrow!

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