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Beauty is not real. Beauty only exists in perception.

Dont get me wrong, this is not going to be a tutorial of any kind, but I get asked pretty regularly about what kind of Make Up I use, how I find Make Up for Pale Skin, Do I wear Fake Eyelashes etc. so iv'e decided to do a Make Up Blog to address all the questions and that will be the end, as I am not a beauty blogger and I have very little time for make up and the like, I just have never been too into make up. Obviously I want my face to look presentable on a day to day basis but I have never been one of those women who covet MAC or collect nail varnishes or own drawers and drawers of make up. I dont even own one drawer. Just a little pink Hello Kitty bag full. So I'm going to Document the contents of my Make Up Bag with a little review or whatever.. So here we go.
I usually would have never worn eyeshadow, but one day I was in Limerick and I spotted this little number, not realising that it was one of the most sought after eye palettes around at the time, The coveted Urban Decay NAKED Palette. I was on the waiting list for four months but I got it eventually and Holy Crap, its unreal. Ive had it for a few months now and surprisingly the individual shadows somehow are'nt running out, seeing I use it almost everyday!

The colors are (l-r) Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. All brilliant basic shades, I would advise everyone to get this, It's all the shades you will ever need!
It also included the Shadow 112 brush and a mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

So on the Baseic, foundation. I use MAC Pro Longwear SPF 1O Foundation inNC 15 as its the second palest shade available and matches my skintone pretty perfectly. If theres one thing im against its being darker than your real skintone, Fake Tan, and especially the way if i'm out random girls in the bathroom might be like "Oh no, did you forget to put on tan?" And i'm like no, I just like my skin to be its actual color. Especially Sally Hansen.. Ugh its like putting foundation all over your skin! And by the way, I am at perfect liberty to discus this, as from the ages of 14-15 I was in to tanning in a BIG way. As in a Mahogony Brown and glittery way so I know my shit. Anyways the way I see it is would you ask a dark person to paint their skin lighter? No you wouldnt, so dont insist I paint myself an alluring shade of orange, thank you. So
So anyways, MAC Pro Longwear, it's an excellent foundation, good coverage but very lightweight, you barely feel it on. I like an even complexion, but I still dont think foundation should be a mask, I think freckles should be seen through, so I use a minimal amount unless i'm going out! I put this on with this angled Lancome #22 brush which has been discontinued unfortunatley. I used to use MAC brushes but after spending a bomb on three brushes, one foundation,, one bronzer and one blush, after a few months of use the foundation and bronzer brushes had both began rapidly loosing bristles and became useless. I was very very annoyed because I specifically did not buy them off the internet as i'd heard people were selling excellent looking fakes, which lost bristles. So I went to Brown Thomas instead an yet still, bristles were lost and I only have one brush in usable condition.
Here we have Maybelline DreamMatte powder in O1 Rose Nude, A nice pale shade. I always wear powder as I like a matte complexion, I dont like the dewy skin look at all!
Blush time. I dont really use blush that often but when I do it's MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Spring Sheen. I cant remember when I got this but i'm guessing ages ago as it's not in the best of shape! I use my last standing MAC brush. Ive no idea what it is as it's so old that all the writing has scrubbed off when Ive washed it! (I wash my brushes once a month, the can harbour up to 600,000 types of bacteria you know :P) Ok so I just looked up on the MAC Website, I think its the 187 Duo Fibre Face&Cheek Brush.

^This is my powder brush, its the Bare Minerals I.D Flawless Face Brush and its only semi decent.
Eyebrow Shadow with mini brush in Smut from The Body Shop. Its quite good, Iv'e had it for like two years and It just refuses to run out so, yeah. Happy Days. Eyebrows frame your whole face so I think they're reeaal important.
LIPSTICK is a massive part of my look, as I love the 5OS Face, a black liquid liner flick and a red lip. I have a hundred more lipsticks so I just chose the ones I like the most!
I have 3three reds which I love, the first being Rimmel Londons Moisture Renew Lipstick in 5OO Diva Red. It was random that I bought it, it was only because I was on my way to the Races and I realised I had stupidly forgotten my Lipstick and hence, I had to stop at the chemist in Oranmore and buy one :)
The second is MAC Matte Perfection in A41 Ruby Woo. I got this in the airport on my way home from Malaga Airport. It was a tough choice between Ruby Woo and Russian Red but we both know who won in the end. I would say this is the best for a long lasting finish, I notice it does'nt transfer to glasses or anything when you wear it, so a brilliant one for wearing on a night out.
Ah. Here we have Barry M's Pillarbox Red Lipstick. This was the first red lipstick I ever bought, and I got it 2two years ago in Dublin. Its an excellent shade, very bright and pigmented with a matte finish.
Next is a Lipstick my Mom gave me. She bought it when she was younger and neveropened or wore it so its safe! Its Versace's Les Levres De Versace in V2O91-L in shade Eighteen. Its a very coral-red, very Eighties with an Orangey shine to it. It goes really well cause I have brown eyes so..Yay.
Next we have MAC's famous Amplified Girl About Town. I remember seeing this in Brown Thomas and getting excited! Its a highly pigmented shade which really pops, the only thing is it's quite drying so i wouldnt wear it most days!

Aah, my injured MAC Cremesheen in Creme Cup. This gorgeous pinky-nude took a tumble one night and it's never looked the same since! It's still one of my favourites and reminds me a night of drunken hilarity.
This is a second Versace my Mum gave me, Once again, Les Levres De Versace V2O19-L in LOL. Its a California Barbie Pink, and is nice for Daytime when I feel like switching it up from the red.

So Moving on from make up finally, I have an obsession with smelling nice and I love perfumes and layering scents So naturally I have a heaving collection of scented skin creams and body butters. Top Left and Top right are Hello Kitty Fragrence Butters from H&M in Rasberry and Vanilla, both with very sweet scents. They're not particularily moisturising but and unfortunatley the scent doesnt last more than an hour, so big disapointment there. I do love the packaging though! Top Centre Is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula. This is extreamly moisturising and the chocolaty scent lasts all day. Pictured Bottom Centre is The Body Shops Wild Cherry Butter. I find that this one smells the nicest but leaves a residue on the skin so, thumbs down.
Here I have Soap & Glorys Butter Trio, including Butter Up Deluxe, The Daily Smooth & The Righteous Butter. All three smell fantastic and moisturise and add radience to skin.
On to perfume. I adore everything Japanese and Harajuku so you can imagine my delight when I discovered Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Perfumes. I have Lil'Angel and Baby but I want to collect them all!!
(l-r) Britney Spears Curious, Britney Spears Believe, Sarah-Jessica Parker Covet, Lancome Cyclades.

(l-r) ?, Intimatley Beckham, Catsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier.
I wear all of these all the time, I'm a perfume freak!
Contemplating moving on to nail varnish? Naw I'll leave that for another blog.
Anyways I know this was boring but I get asked aout what make up I use all the time so, It's been answered now, it's over! *Collective sigh of relief

Im starting College on Friday so expect lots of blogs this week!
Farewell lovers!
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