Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Suit Up or Ship Out

Yes, I am a terribly inefficient blogger. I promised an abundance of posts during the Summer months and I know this is no excuse for it but a severe lack of free time is to blame. Blah so out of practice I hardly know where to start
Iv'e been having a slight personality crisis in relation to my writing. Initially I had high hopes for Vintage Venom as an alternative but relateable source of reference for fashion, music and life in general, but upon reading the opinions of a philosophical fellow blogger who believes blogging is the highest form of narcacism, I have become lack-lustre in my enthusism for the cause. He claims that all bloggers portray their personal opinions via their writing and although I do agree partially with his post, I see his paradox. Condemning bloggers for voicing their opinions is an opinion, no?
Blogging for me has been an eye opening experience and I urge all to try it. I get to write about things that I love. Reading other blogs by talented writers has been both enriching and informative, and I hope that when people read mine they enjoy it. But for every person who is embracing a fashion blog their is someone slating it. Not cool.
Anyway. That was my rant.

The reason I have'nt had time to blog is due to the over whelming amount of landmarks I have passed through recently. Iv'e Graduated, finished school forever, got into my college course, had my Deb's and also was away on holidays for two weeks with no internet.
My Debs was amazing, some people disagree and said it was rubbish but I really enjoyed it. Being surrounded by the people iv'e spent the last five years with for one last hurrah was over whelming and a great experience. I loved the process of designing and making my dress and seeing everyone looking amazing in their gowns.
My dress was only finished at around 4pm on the day of my Debs (which started at 6!) so it was a stressful day to say the least, but in the end I was really pleased with how it turned out!
My dress was a poppy red chiffon-silk mix with exaggerated shoulder pads covered in distressed grey studs, with a low back featuring a chain and crucifix embellishment. I loved it!
Our Debs dinner and dance was held in the Raheen Woods Hotle, in Athenry, and then moved to a houseparty lasting all night. It was an unbelievable night that I will remember forever.
Our Graduation was about two months ago, in our local church and then to the pubs in Athenry. It was a messy night and i'l say no more :P I have no photos on my laptop of it but I wore a cerise pink pleated highwaisted skirt from Topshop, a brown scalloped top from Topshop, a crucifix necklace also from Topshop, a pink red and cream kimono from New Look, cream heels from River Island and a maroon skinny belt and cream clutch from Penneys.
I also got into the PLC course I wanted, Portfolio Preparation in GTI. It's a year long access course into Art College so i'm happy out!
It's getting late so I'm going to sign off now, Ladies Day of the Races is tomorrow so an early night is needed. I'm very excited, and I'm wearing something a bit off kilter.. hint: it is not a dress. I'm thinking of competing for best-dressed, just for the craic. And hey, if you win you win a LOT of money so I may as well give it a go, you dont win if you dont try! Actually, I'm going to tell you what I'm wearing because I'm bursting to tell someone. I'm wearing a tuxedo.
Night All!

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