Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mini Haul and Rambling thoughts.

I seem to be appologising for my severe neglegance a lot recently.. But as I explained, I do have the Leaving Cert in ten days. FML
I currently have no life, as I now socialise with Hamlet, Ophelia, Rahim Khan, Baba, Cecelia and Robbie. The only place I attend is school or sometimes the library if i'm feeling daring. None the less, I find other things to occupy my mind somehow. For example I am considering buying a tent shaped like a camper van for oxegen. Yeah man. Looks like a real Camper Van doesnt it?

Which leads me to my Oxegen wardrobe. I'm leadeing towards an "Im With The Band" look while also incorporating theatrical aspects (Thats where the head-dresses, face paint and feathers come in) I have a few things bought, nothing i'm set on wearing, which i'll show you now if my camera would upload. My camera and I are having serious domestic issues. For example none of the settings work, I have to manually open the lense, and in every picture peoples skin looks like wax, random parts are blurry, and if theres any light in the room at all it gives everything a weird sunburnt complexion, complete with wiggling spots of light. Famazing. It's time for a new mode I think. I intend on saving for a 'proper' camera but that's gonna take time. So for now, everyone enjoy your shiny red complexions and out of focus limbs. I'm presuming this falter is from over use, as it has only taken one or two hard knocks in its life, and in all fairness I have had it for over a year, a long time for me and my track record with cameras (four in the last three years, soon to be five)

So thats my lifes main predicament, as I am a photo FREAK.
On to new Oxegen clothes..
Firstly I got another Sex Pistols t-shirt, I now have three. I adore vintage rock'n'roll and The Sex Pistols are unbelievable. I got this is HMV and as usual it is a guys t-shirt. I'm finding it more and more difficult to source band tees since Chaos closed down.

I also noticed that there's a lot of knit wear on sale at the moment, seriously New Look has a huge double rack of knitwear, oversized sweaters and cardigans mainly. It's a great Sale. I got this knitted sweatshirt for $12, down from $39.99 (I dont know how to use the euro button, any tips?) Anyways, its a gorgeous loose-knit wool and chiffon mix cream, slightly cropped jumper. I'ts a perfect light loose Summer jumper, and it's really well made and expensive looking.

Looking for a Graduation Outfit, I got this black maxi skirt from Topshop.com, but I didnt end up wearing it. I love it, its black maxi, sheer material, black but see through, but it has another short black body con under neath, its hard to explain! Its so pretty, one of my new Summer staples!

I picked up these two rings in Penneys (Primark) and I think their amazing, so Summery and they do not look their from Penneys, they're gorgeous! And they were only like, $2 each or something.

I also now have a casual obsession with patterened harem pants (Or as my little sister calls them, crazy pants) nine euro each, very happy. I have other pairs from TKMaxx and H&M but they have been featured before.

My Mom gave me her watch that she got off her Mom for her 18th Birthday. It's B-E-A-utiful.

I'm also still really in to fringing, but not brown , more colored rave fringing. I picked up this little fringed beauty in Penneys (Primark) recently. It's a festival staple and a shoe-in for Oxegen, with highwaisted denim shorts and patterened tights, maybe a tribal bib necklace.
They have them in red and cream also, but I thought the blue was the best color, really eye catching!

I never liked TK Maxx, but only after two hours and five third-of-the-price designer items later do I truly appreciate the frantic rumaging of the store. I picked up this cute tribal embelished sheer chiffon vest by Porcelian Lane, $21.00 down from $54.99. Delighted. I want to wear it to Oxegen but I need to wear it before hand because in all fairness, it will probably be lost/destroyed there!

Shoe Time..
I got these to wear to my Graduation. THE MOST uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn but so pretty. River Island at its best. Cream textured, a sort of faux snakeskin effect, cone heel and huge platform. Genius.

I got these black leather shoe boots in Penneys, wait for it... three euro. Yup..THREE. Down from twenty-one. Why? I dont know, I just so happened to spot them, pick them up, look at the price, and scribbled in that all important red pen, the number three.

Yup. So thats all folks. Back to studying now, see you guys in two weeks :)

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