Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Yesterday I arrived home to discover I had been sent a lovely fat packet of jewellery from Rings&Tings ( http://www.ringsandtings.com/ )

I was so excited! I had no idea what it was because it was all discreetly packaged and padded with thin white wrapping paper. I recieved 1O items, all individually bagged in little plastic wraps.
The first piece i unwrapped was this Lightbulb necklace on a long leather chain.
I though it was really cute and kitsch, and i discovered that it lights up when you press a button!
It was so cool, there were three different light settings, red white & blue.
Cant wait to wear this on a night out!

The next was this delicate little double bird ring with a red gemstone in the centre. It's gorgeous and has a vintage effect on the metal. Its a bit too cutsie for my style but I recently bought some Spiked stacked rings in Topshop that I think I'l mix it with.
I frickin love this Camera Ring, as everyone knows im a photo fiend and camera freak! Its cool but after wearing it for a day at college I realised it was a little too wide and kept scratching my Ring and Pointy fingers on either side. Also this was one of the only rings with an adjustable band, which I need because I have skinny pale Voldemort fingers.
This is fucking edgy but It's actually lethal, those spikes hurt! I LOVE this but weirdly the bands were a little snug, and I usually take a S/M in rings. I checked the site and it says adjustable buuuut as far as I can see, it isnt.
The triple finger gold tiered is NOT my style, its a yellow gold and very sparkly... I would only wear it during the Christmas party season when I can just about tolerate sparkle.
My absolute favorite piece I was sent was this double finger Vampire Fang Ring, Its a shimmery vintage gold effect and its adjustable :D I love this!
I was sent this plain silver crucifix on a brown leather string. Very simple and I can see me wearing this with oversized jumpers and shortened at the neck of collars.
Hipster Triangle Necklace! I cant wait to wear this black and gold piece directly under collars. Its the perfect chain length and has a high gloss finish.
Iv'e been wanting a Hamsa Bracelet for ages and now I finally have one :).
I really liked most of the pieces I was sent, I havent worn all of them but I shall update as I go! These pieces and many more are available from http://www.y-forever.co.uk/ and many are also sold at http://www.y-forever.co.uk/ .

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