Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Summer Topshop Wishlist

I'm nearly crying over my love of Topshop's new season. Seriously. Lump in throat.
As usual I picked out a few of my favourite pieces to mourn over until I scrape together my pennies for them! 

 The day that I own this satchel will be the happiest of my life. This is first on my agenda, I'm in need for a new everyday bag, clutches have been taking over my life recently.
 Chloe Green's new shoe line for Topshop has a few gorgeous pieces, especially the 'Mischa' slingback wedges. All the shoes have a distinctive mint green sole, and I genuinely love them!

Topshop has always been my go to place for mix-up-an-outfit accessories when I'm strapped for cash, and their stand out this season pieces have really caught my eye, especially this spike and pearl necklace, the perfect mix of edgy and girly.

Fashion Bindi's! A lifetime obsession of mine, watch my forehead for developments!

Anyways, I'm done salivating over these, I'm sure I'l be scrolling through them again soon when my shopping bug makes it's usual reappearance. 

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