Saturday, 1 February 2014

Review | L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mascara.

As a, well, a girl, Iv'e spent approximatley half my life and more than a few hundred euro on my hunt for the perfect mascara. My endevours include falling in love with Maybelline's 'The Falsies' and being less than impressed with Benefit's 'They're Real', but my most recent conquest is the L'Oreal Paris 'Miss Manga' Mega Volume Mascara, which launched in Ireland & the UK this month.
The first interesting niche of Miss Manga is that it's avalable in three shades, black, turquoise & purple for if your looking for a more distinct eye-catching look. I went for the black/noir shade as I can be a little set in my ways about my everyday winged-liner look.
Naturally I have pretty average eyelashes, medium length and medium sparsity, so I held high hopes for the anime eyed look that Barbara Plavin had promised me in the ads.
On first glance I wasn't too impressed with the brush, it seemed short bristled and was clumpy with excess product, which was dissapointing but rectifiable.
I was pleasantly surprised with the first coat I applied, the product was pretty clump free and very easily applyable due to the brush shape. It was only when I attempted to coat individual lashes which I had missed that the brush became an issue, leaving marks of mascara on my brow bone and upper eyelid.
These marks can be forgiven, in my opionion, due to the volume and length in particular that the Miss Manga Mascara provides. 
Overall the Miss Manga mascara was pretty good, maybe not for everyday wear as much as on a night out as it is difficult to lightly disribute the product. Also it was not as pigmented as other mascaras, two coats was definitley necessary for a dramatic coal black look.

On the positive side, Miss Manga gave extreme volume and especially length, the packaging was cute and eyecatching and generally this product does deserve the hype and attention it's been recieving in the blogosphere!

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