Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Taking a break from Social Media | The benefits of Tuning Out

Hey guys.
So lately my blog has been made up of #OOTD's and mini hauls, I haven't had the chance to write a good long blog post in quite a while.

The main reason Iv'e been away from my blog is because I started an internship at Evoke.ie as a fashion and beauty journalist. For those of you who don't know, Evoke is an Irish online site which has about a million Irish readers. #NoBigDeal

Iv'e had some amazing opportunities with my internship, including sitting front row at fashion shows, heading to amazing events and getting to travel abroad to cover new collections. 

But because Iv'e been spending forty hours a week writing style and beauty articles at work, sometime's it's a little difficult to come home an be inspired to take up the reigns again for Vintage Venom.
| Sitting FROW at the DIT Graduate showcase 2016 |
So to begin my return to the blogosphere, I decided I needed to start with a clean slate.
I had read a few interesting articles about how good it can be for the mind and soul to take a break from social media to re-balance and recharge if you've been feeling a little down.

I follow so many amazing bloggers and just amazing people in general on Instagram, Snapchat etc. and seeing what they were up to always made me a little insecure that I was slipping behind with my work on Vintage Venom.

And of course seeing hot dogs or legs pictures beside an azure pool with palm trees in the background is never going to do much for the mood when you're trudging off to work in the rain at 7am.

So I decided that a good social media purge was what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to get back on track with my blog with confidence and without external pressures.

While I did feel creatively recharged after, I also noticed so many funny little subtlety's about myself and people around me while I was sans-Snapchat.

Like there's nothing quite so strange as sitting at the head of a lunch table on a Monday afternoon looking down at the crowns of four other peoples heads all bent towards the LED screens of their smartphones.

Later in the week I was going for a little run, which rarely happens, and so I felt the urge to Snapchat this major event. I mean, did you even exercise if you don't take the perfect post-workout gym selfie?

And was my Sunday brunch even nice if I didn't share a picture of it on Instagram? Why do I need to let people know that I'm enjoying a weekend afternoon with great food and even greater friends?

Is it to rub it in other peoples faces, that I, a 22-year-old-woman, have in fact got a social life or does it stem from a place of insecurity?

I often laugh at those poor people who are like look at me, look at my cute brunch and my fancy cocktails, how fabulous am I? But I guess now I just feel sorry for them. 

Obviously sharing a brunch picture of a particularly aesthetically pleasing meal isn't a sin, and I will definitely be guilty of it again, but I guess taking a social media break makes you consider your motives.


And this sunset. Why did I feel the need to share it in a digitally manipulable two-dimensional square, can I not just keep it as a memoir for myself?

Overall I felt better about myself as a person by abandoning the like button for a while. I thought less about the imperfections I feel I have because I wasn't so constantly saturated with images of digitally-altered models and bloggers every time I slid open my lock screen, and that was an added bonus of the purge. 

So whats the best way to dump your social media addiction for a while and de-clutter your mood? Well, here's how I did it.

First I popped all of my existing social media apps into a folder marked 'Out Of Bounds' so that even if I slipped and automatically went to check Facebook or Snapchat, I would see the folder name and remember.


Then I went to my notification settings and turned off everything social media related.
And that, my friends, is as simple as that. 

So maybe try purging yourself of social media for a bit. Here's some reasons why you should try:

  • You will be more productive without the social media distractions.
  • You could feel better about yourself and heighten you self esteem without the constant barrage of pretty much unachievable perfection that saturates much of Instagram
  • You will be more creative and encourage more independent thoughts as you move away from being influenced by what other people are doing. 
Once I had returned to social media, blinking blindly in the glossy glow of Instagram, I began to unfollow any accounts which weren't contributing to my happiness.
Anyone who made me feel insecure or just contributed nothing of substance, aesthetically or otherwise, was void of my follow.

Now that I'm back, I'm going to work harder on my Instagram, posting everyday to show things I love and to depict my life the way it is, not in some staged manner to make myself look great.
I know so many bloggers work so hard at their Instagrams and I will too, but I always promise never to promote a brand or product I don't actually believe in myself.

So take a break from social media, you may never look back. 

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