Saturday, 6 August 2016

OOTD#17 | The National Gallery of Ireland | ASOS x Parfois

I recently shot one of my favorite jumpsuits in one of my favorite places in Dublin, the National Gallery. 

I spent last weekend wandering around both the National Gallery of Ireland but also the National Museum, and I think that a solid jumpsuit is an essential for easy city styling.

Jacket - Topshop

You may recall this Topshop trophy bomber from my last OOTD, but this time I've reversed it and worn the black and red side rather than the blue and white side. 
I definitely think that the oriental bomber jacket trend has run it's course but this is still one of my favorite pieces Iv'e bought this season. 

Jumpsuit - ASOS | Top - Missguided | Shirt - ASOS | Shoes - ASOS | Bag - Parfois

I was recently invited a little press trip to Porto to see the Parfois A/W collection (blog post on that coming right up) and they very kindly gave me so many amazing gifts, this backpack being one of them.
I'ts become my staple go-to bag and it's deceptively roomy. 

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