Friday, 21 October 2016

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Event

Hey guys, sorry for my lack of blog posts after promising to be back for good, things have been extremely hectic as I have recently changed jobs and started a masters degree, but more about all of that in a life update post.

Last night I was invited to take a little look at the brand new Alex and Ani collection, which was hosted in the Kilkenny shop in Dublin.

The collection looked like it was going to be pretty amazing from the invite but it was only when I arrived at the event that I realised the extremely cool back story behind the collection.

The collection consists of some key pieces, all of which feature copper accents which were created from salvaged copper from the statue of liberty itself.

One of the Alex and Ani representatives told me that the inside of the statue of liberty was being refurbished during the centennial restoration, and Alex and Ani purchased the scrapped copper from the original internal structure.

The copper was then purified and used in the collection to represent hope, which ties in with the brands meaningful and eco-friendly ethos. 

The collection features classic Alex and Ani charm bangles, cord bracelets, wrap around cuffs, classic pendants and rings.

Attendees at last night's event were all given the opportunity to own a piece of the collection, and the piece I was gifted was the gorgeous cord bracelet, which will work really well with my slightly grungy aesthetic, so thank you so much Alex and Ani. 

All of the pieces come with a certificate of authenticity which proves that the copper comes from the statue.

The event had a majorly Americana theme, with huge statue of liberty prints donning the walls and even 1950s pin-up girls performing swing songs.

Even the food was Americana themed, with mini strawberry milkshakes, sliders and hot dogs (not veggie unfortunately)

There was also a live art installation going on, with an artist free drawing a cityscape of the big apple, the Statue of Liberty included of course.

One of the coolest parts of the event had to be the DIY screen printing area, where you could print your own tote bag under the supervision of Damn Fine Print. I actually wore mine to Tesco this morning to do the shopping and the lady at the till said 'oh are Alex and Ani doing bags now?'

Another aspect of the collection is the slogan #CarryLight, which while it may sound like luggage instructions, is actually encouraging people to share who or what they carry light for. 

Friends, family, or freddo bars, whatever you love is what you carry your light for.

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