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Eyelash Extensions | Elysian Brows Dublin Mink Lashes Review

Beauty trends come and go, usually determined by whatever Kardashian is the flavour of the month, but one beauty treatment has come to the forefront lately.
Overly manicured HD Brows have had their day, and high-end eyelashes are the look du jour. 
As celebrities become more and more accessible through social media, it’s easier to discover the tricks of the trade that enhance their inhumanly beautiful faces and figures.
Pic: Kylie Jenner Instagram 
Everyone has a favourite Kardashian, and mine happens to be Kylie. Even though she’s younger than me (only by two years but still), more successful than I’ll ever be and has had more work done than a high rise in the boom years, something about her look resonates with me.
Blinking her doe eyes as she mimics song lyrics on Snapchat is one of Kylie’s favourite pastimes, and it was while I poured over her story one evening that I realised why her heavily shadowed eyes were so transfixing.
While she clearly wasn’t wearing strip lashes, there was no way that those curly, lavishly long eyelashes were au natural.
Knowing that there is not enough Juvederm in the world to give me Kylie’s look, getting eyelash extensions seemed like a pretty easy way to enhance my features, Kardashian style.
However, being apprehensive about using an industrial strength glue to stick tiny pieces of hair to my eyelid (it just didn’t seem safe to me) some research was necessary before embarking on the quest for perfect lashes. 
After extensive research and getting the opinions of friends who have already artificially extended their eyelashes, I opted for getting the treatment at Elysian Brows on South William Street, who very kindly invited me in to review the treatment. 
Prices range from €90-€120 and Elysian uses only the best mink lashes to enhance the eyes. I had a lunchtime appointment so the salon was relatively busy, and I was ushered to my chair by my lash technician.
First, I showed her the pictures I had screen-shotted of Kylie’s ludicrously long lashes, only to be crushed when I was told that ‘everyone’s eyes are different.’ 
My technician explained that she wouldn’t be comfortable giving me the Kylizzle effect, as our eye shapes and natural lash textures were too different. The end effect would be too obvious if I insisted on a super curl a la Kylie. 
However, she could still work towards creating a similar shape while incorporating the natural curve of my eyelid and lashes, so I happily settled back and relaxed as the application began. 
While my technician and I got chatting, she revealed that eyelash extensions have become hugely popular in recent months and that she has had to fix countless botched jobs done by unskilled techs, who promise perfect lashes for as little as thirty or forty euros.
These cheap deals lead to the loss of countless lashes which may never grow back, as well as eye infections from unclean treatment areas and lashes. 
I also managed to get a little nap in between anecdotes, as the treatment takes a whopping 90 minutes. 
Upon opening my eyes, I was surprised by how light my eyelids felt. I had been expecting the heavy feeling you associate with strip lashes. 
The finished result was a set of long, dark and curled eyelashes, dramatic but not obvious. My eyes stung a little from the glue which made my eyes tear up but we’ll just chalk that up to me being so thrilled with my new lashes.
Aftercare involves brushing your new lashes twice a day with a spoolie brush and banishing your mascara to the bottom of your makeup bag. 
One downside to the treatment is that upon taking off my makeup with a cotton pad that night, I was left picking bits of cotton out of my lashes for a full five minutes. Cucumber wipes are the only way to go with this one. 
I also had to wear goggles in the shower, as it is forbidden to get the extensions wet for the first 24 hours, but let’s not dwell on that, I am now one step closer to being Kylie Jenner. 

I am also now totally hooked on the treatment, and have been warned about how 'bald' my eyelids will feel whenever I stop getting them done.

I had refills done in Elysian Beauty's studios about one month after the original application, and with my graduation and graduation ball coming up next week it's safe to say I'l be getting them again

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