Monday, 21 November 2011


I have once again been foiled by my Geographical position. As I live in Galway, I have of yet to see the Versace H&M collection with my own eyes, as for a serious flaw in Galway's make up. There is no H&M. Dublin will be visited very soon by a late but over excited me.
I love when designers collaborate with Highstreet stores, high fashion should not be only for the rich! I already freaked out when Lanvin and Jimmy Choo collaborated with the already excellent H&M, and the Versace collection seriously lived up to my expectations.
here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.
I really am genuinley excited by the edgy Club Tropicana inspired prints, I love these high waisted leggings!
I also got creepily ecstatic when I spotted this Mens Collection Bomber jacket. Of all the things I want from the collection, this is it! I was very disappointed to hear though that most Irish stores did not stock the Men's Versace collection.

Overall, I love the Collection, I cant say much more untill I see it with my own eyes. H&M, Watch out.

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