Saturday, 28 January 2012

H O W TO : T U R B A N D

One of my favourite looks since Cher Lloyd killed bandannas has been the Turband.
There are many ways to tie a turband, but the three main and best are the Morrocan, the I Love Lucy & the Hermes.
My favourite is the Morroccan, and heres a How To Blog on the method of the Morroccan style.

So First off you grab a large headscarf. (Mine is just a cute chiffon scarf I picked up in Primark for about 4 euro)

Next you Fold it in half into a large triangle, and then keep folding it over and over evenly.

Now you should have a long, slimish bandanna shape.
For the Moroccan style, you place the mid section of the scarf at the back of your head, and bring the ends forward, crossing them in the middle of your forehead.

Now here's the slightly tricky part, once you have crossed the ends of the scarf once, you reverse cross them (cross them again, in the opposite direction) to create the knot effect detail.

Now bring the ends around to the back and tie in a knot.

Now tuck the loose ends into the back of the scarf. (I just realized I didn't do a very good tucking job!)

Now you should have a beautiful Moroccan style turband!


  1. oh wow am going to try this!

  2. This is such a good way to use up old scarfs! Looks awesome! I like your style! I am now following your blog! Maybe you could check out mine? I am a bit new:)