Friday, 3 February 2012

Springtime Wishlist †

Every Season I torture Myself with a little (long) list of items I really really want and intend on purchasing in the coming season. Usually they're wardrobe staples, things I will wear many times in the foreseeable future. These are the most prominant things in my mind but trust me, if I gave you the full list we'd be here for days.

~1 Inverted Crucifix Shirt
Iv'e actually wanted one of these for so long, I already have about 3 straight up crucifix shirts but there's something a little edgier about an inverted cross. Orange Circle Clothign does some amazing ones where the crucifix can be pattered in any print you want, like tartan, aztec or cosmic. They're a tad pricey as their personally customized by you and printed by them, but they're amazing, I will definitley be investing.



(Orange Circle Clothing)

(Orange Circle Clothing)

2~ Fake Flower Headband
I really want a faux flower crown! They're so ethereal and fairy like, they remind me of the flower fairy books I used to pour over when I was a child.
Lana Del Ray seems to be championing floral headbands at the moment, fingers crossed the highstreet will catch on and start producing some, I know there were some in Primark and the like last Summer but at the time I had no interest. Shame on me.
( Lana Del Ray)
(Lana Del Ray)

Crucifix Ring
I already have three crucifix rings in black, gold and silver, but what I'm really looking for now is a more interesting alternative for the spring, maybe a wooden or studded or glitter one..
I'm contemplating making one myself so we'l see how that pans out!

4~ Topshop Studded Vectra flats
I absolutely adore these Topshop flats. There such a coveted item nowadays, you can hardly move in blogger world for posts and images of the Vectra. Unfortunetly I'm extreamly broke right now, and they're rather pricey! I love them in cram too, but I will always have a penchant for little black flats.

Topshop Tiger Jumper
As a long suffering lover of Grandad Jumpers, oversized crazy print knitted and jersey jumpers, I instantly fell in love with this tiger print wonder.

~6 Topshop Jersey Dress
I'm all for comfy staples that you can throw on with a chunky necklace on the go and still look good, so when I saw they grungey gray t-shirt dress I knew we were meant to be together.
Its a speckled gray material and I've tried it on in Topshop and it's just so comfy and versatile.
Hopefull I can save up and splurge! It also comes in a longer length but being a teeny 5'4 I went to the Petit section for the shorter version.

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  1. I love the studded shoes, i want them too!

  2. I am in love with those flats!! They are amazing!

  3. Nice post dear,I'm totally in love with that tiger jumper!;)
    I'm following <3