Monday, 27 February 2012


Good day everybody, I'm doing a mini haul today if you didn't quite gather that from the title,Anyway's I want to start of by saying that there is a lot of stigma attached to haul blogs and videos as many people believe it's showing off and the like. As everyone knows I am piss poor so I cant possibly be "showing off" my "multiple impulse buys". No. I simply wish to share my new season staples with you as a few of them were in my Wishlist and I'm ecstatic to have them! So yeah, please consider this aswell with any future Hauls I do, as I really dont want to post this dreary and tiresome introduction every time!

So, as I have made clear, I am an exceptionally broke student at the moment! But luckily I prefer fashion to food shopping so I was

able to pick up a few items in the last two weeks.

Faux Flower Crown~ New Look

In my Springtime Wishlist below, I said how badly I longed for one of these little babys, and I got one! I especially love the leaf detail and oversized style of the flowers. Reminds me of Summer... Tea Dress~ Topshop
Another wishlist item come true! I got it in the petit section so it's the perfect length for one with the dreaded curse of shortness.

Leopard Print Vest~ River Island
Can you call it Leopard Print when it's a print of actual leopards? Meh. Anyways unbelievably this badboy only set me back 15euro! Delightful.
Midi Skirt~ Primark(Penneys)
I adore the dusky pink of this midi, only setback is its a size 16 so basically without a belt it hits the floor, but my dark brown leather belt gives it a rather adorable paper bag waist effect.
Now some Jumble Sale Gems!!
I got these amazing real leather brogues in the Clare Galway Sunday Market for a meagre 5euro!
Never been worn before, They have the most exquisit eyelet laser cut detailing.
They have a really interesting Creeper clumyness to them.

I also picked up this last season Denim Topshop dress for... wait for it........ 4euro!

I bought this dress before for full price in Topshop but left it in Spain after a holiday without even wearing it once, so I'm delighted to have it back once again.

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