Monday, 5 March 2012

Hidden Treasure

Topshop Metallics in Hidden Treasure~ 9Euro
I know i'm late on the bandwagon,but this is the first Topshop cosmetic Iv'e tried.I saw it on the website as part of their Spring Equinox collection, and so when I popped into Topshop today I picked it up. It's a gorgeous cosmic oil slick color, a blend of irincandescent gold, green and blue with hints of lilac.

I'm pleasantly surprised by this product, all though it did take three coats to get the ultimate out of the shades.
I also picked up this Eye Ring in Topshop for 1O.5OEuro,
Iv'e seen it every time Iv'e been in and said i'd grab it today as I had a bit of spare cash. I also picked up a wood and leather crucifix bracelet as it was only 7.5OEuro.


  1. Totally wicked jewellery and that nail varnish is amazing.

  2. Love the ring!! Also love the nail polish, such a gorgeous colour!