Thursday, 12 April 2012

Topshop Love

Hey everyone, just a quick spoiler, picked up this headband in Topshop today, I have been obsessing over it for ages and dithering over whether to buy it or not because it is a RIDICULOUS price but.. yeah I got it! 
 It was 2O euro and 5O cent which is a mad price for something like a headband, but I really want it for my Birthday Party on Saturday so I splurged!
It's a gorgeous piece for people like me who love the Summer's floral and girlish trends but still want to inject an edge into their look.
 I plan to wear this with my hair up to my Birthday on Saturday and again and again through the Summer with dresses and boots and long Hippie waves!
 Hope your all having a great week, despite this awful rain. I invested in a sweet umbrella to make it seem not so bad, and it actually made me surprisingly less pessimistic about the weather!

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