Thursday, 12 April 2012

Benefit "They're Real" & Eylure "Katy Perry" Lashes

I am a massive eyelash person, and a huge fan of the big dramatic, doe-eyed look, so I recently splashed out on two products I had been wanting  for quite a while.

Benefit recently released their "They're Real" Mascara, and at 25euro, it's not exactly purse friendly.
Most have said that this is the new must have beauty product, a wonder product even. I have to say I'm not so sure. It is obviously quite good but I was disappointed at the results after what the box promised and all the excellent reviews I read. 
 Granted, it is excellent at separating and lengthening, but volumizing? Not so much. With a lot of coats and elbow grease I managed to get a good result, but I can get the same effect on the high street for much less effort and a much lower cost. My  Maybelline "The Falsies" Volume Express Mascara does the same job, although it doesn't separate my lashes quite like "They're Real".
 Over all, I'd give it a 6/10, though the brush is excellent, I'd like to try it in a thicker formula as the "They're Real" Formula was quite wet. I will keep using it and hopefully find a technique that suits my lash type. (Lots of short lashes) 

My next eye product is Eylure's Designed by Katy Perry Lashes.
I am a huge fan of both fake eyelashes and Katy Perry,so of course I snapped these up when I saw them in New Look.
I always wear falsies on a night out, and usually wear my default eye look, a fifties flick, so I find that longer, more separated eyelashes suit this better than thick angled ones.
Having quite large and very very round eyes I usually have to use quite a lot of glue on fake eyelashes to stop them pinging off the edge of my eye half way through the night, but I found these to be quite a round shape anyway and they fit very comfortably. 
They have amazing volume and length and they were so lightweight I almost forgot I was wearing them!
I would rate these 1O/1O, because they really were the best false eyelashes Iv'e tried in a long time!

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