Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Spain Haul: Primark, Topshop, H&M, Blanco, Zara.

Hey all, Iv'e been very neglectful lately, I apologize for that but Iv'e got no internet at the moment so what could I do! I have    
a quick haul, mostly accessories, not everything I bought in Spain is here because I didn't realize I would have a chance to blog today and I don't have pictures of the clothing on my camera! 

The first thing I wanted to talk about is my Birthday dress I got for my party, it's from Topshop, and my Mom bought it online for me as one of my birthday gifts, so thank you mother!

 It's a gorgeous pearlesent nude, with silverish threads sewed through it. It wasnt my first choice but as we know, my first choices release date was pushed back to May and I needed the dress for April, but no matter! I still love this dress.

Before I jetted off I picked up a few bits, here is just accessories I go literally the day before I left.

                     Primark Ring~1euro

 I got this in one of the little reduced stands in Penneys, I am currently obsessed with turquoise and stone jewellery so I snapped this up asap. The stone was a little loose so I had to take it out and superglue it, but it was worth it, I love this ring .

Topman Ring~3.5Oeuro
I was in Topman with my boyfriend and I hadn't been in a while so I had a good nosey in their jewellery section where I usually find good pieces that are a lot more resilliant than Topshop and worth more per wear as they dont tend to snap on nights out (grr..still mad about my bodychain)so I picked this crucifix ring up. I know the crucifix trend was overdone like a year ago I just cant let go! So I said I'd try them in a more subtle way with this ring rather than the now common double ring crucifix.
Topshop handchain~ Sale

I cant remember how much this was but it was in the sale
As was the Topman ring above, I forgot to mention that.
I really liked the fact that this hand chain was connected by a bangle rather than a delicate bracelet. 
My only problem was that the sizing of the rings was very off, as you'l see below, I had to swap the rings around for them to fit but then that kind of twisted the crucifix which
 was annoying to say the least.

H&M Collar~9.99euro
I picked this pearl collar up in H&M in Spain. I had to have it because it was only 9.99, it's exactly the same as one in Topshop  which is 18.5O.

I also went into Blanco while I was away, which is now one of my favourite shops! I picked up some clothes in there, but as I said Iv'e no pictures of them so I wont even bother mentioning them.

Blanco Ring~ 6euro
I'm not 1OO% sure why I bought this, It's not it really my style. I do like it I'm just not sure how often I'll get wear out of it.

It reminds me of something Iv'e seen before, maybe a designer ring or catwalk accessory or something and I think that just pinged in my mind when I saw it..

  H@M Ring~3.99
I got another ring which once again isn't really my style but I love pearls and the colours shining in this one are really vibrant
  Zara Clutch~29.99
I am so excited about this clutch! I have wanted it for ages but seeings there's no Zara in Galway and it was sold out online, I resigned myself to the fact that I would never have it, but when I was in Spain I popped into a Zara and there it was! So I blew thirty frickin euros on a clutch which is ridiculous I know, but it makes me so happy!

I just love love loved last seasons under the sea theme of the catwalks, and this fish scale effect is gorgeous. 
The deep blue lining keeps the whole under the sea vibe going.
My only concern is the sequin things bending on a night out.

 Blanco Necklace~ 9.99
My last item! I got this dreamcatcher necklace in Blanco, I fell in love with the feathers and cute little skulls dangling off it.

This is another thing I'm not sure why I bought, I wore it a good bit in Spain but Iv'e nothing in my everyday wardrobe to match it with. I'm going to try and build an Outfit Of The Day around it.

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