Thursday, 24 May 2012

How To: DIY Pastel Dip Dye.

 Hello all.
I'm going to do a little tutorial today on how to dip dye your hair a pastel color, as we all know pastels are huge this season. Now the Dip Dye trend has been very overdone all of a sudden, like a month or two ago I didn't see anyone else with it, now it's about as common as faux Versace prints. Anyway, below is a picture of my old Dip Dye. Being me I get bored of things easily, and looking back on photos my hair changes every few months, I rarely keep one hair style for more than 6months, so I decided to mix things up a bit and go for  a pastel dip dye.
 Here is pretty much everything you will need to do this. (L-R) Bleach Powder and Liquid 40vol Peroxide, a ceramic bowl and plastic spoon (I didn't have one so I just used the end of a normal spoon) and a pink (or whatever color you want in pastel) semi permanent hair color. I absolutely do not advise you use a permanent un-natural color, it ruins the tone of your hair for quite a while after you try and get rid of it, this I learned the hard way so please take my advice.
The bleach I use is Jerome Russell Bblonde Higlift Powder Bleach. It's available in Boots and is about six or sever euro I think. 
I also use the matching Cream Peroxide which is sold seperatly for about four euro, so overall it's quite inexpensive.  This is the bleach I used for my original brown to blonde dip  dye and I would highly recommend this product. If you do not already have  blonde hair or a blonde di pdye, you will need to use this product first on it's own to lighten the ends of your hair before you add the pastel color as it will not work or turn out nicely unless the pink or whatever color is applied to pre lightened hair.
If you do have pre lightened ends, your first step is simply t follow the instructions included in the Bblonde Bleach Powder box and mix the right amounts of powder with the cream peroxide (Approx. 1. Powder Bleach sachet to half a bottle of cream Peroxide). Mix until smooth.
 Next grab you color of choice, for pink I used Rembow's Crazy Color in Pinkissimo.
 This is a highly pigmented dye, and comes out a very dark pink. I did a strand test on a piece of dry hair, and it came out flourescent! 
Mix this color with your already mixed bleach solution, the bleach will fade out the high pigmentation of the dye. I left mine in for about 5 minutes. Apply to wet hair and rub in with finger tips carefully.Rinse and then condition with a deep conditioner for dry hair
 Blow dry and you should be left with a pastel toned Dip Dye!

 I hope this post was helpful and this method works for you if you plan on trying it!

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