Monday, 25 June 2012

Quick Picks: Topshop Sale!

I was strolling down shop street when I heard there was a Mid-Season Sale on in Topshop, so of course I dashed in and picked up just a few bits. 
 I picked up this pastel skull and multi cross necklace in the half price Freedom sale. Iv'e had a beady eye on  it it for ages so when I saw there was a half price sale I ran over to see it this necklace was in it, and clearly it was!

 I really love it but I've found I cant really wear it with anything over than shirts with a structured collar, because it droops quite a bit,it doesn't have any structure it's just a loose chain so I wouldn't advise it if your planning on wearing it with a plain neckline, because it just doesn't sit properly.
 I also got this cute chain double ring with a little gold feather, also at half price.
 It's a little more delicate than anything I usually pick up, no studs or crucifixes! I really like it, it's super cute and fits really well, thought sometimes the feather flips backwards which is a tad annoying, as the back has no detail, its just flat and plain.

I got a shirt similar to this, I couldn't find the exact one on the topshop website, the one I got is sheer with thinner humbug stripes. It was only 3O euro down from 68 so it was a steal
Whilst browsing in New Look I got this cute mint cropped top for 6 euro, Iv'e been obsessed with mint for weeks now so this was a perfect contribution to my Summer wardrobe!

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