Thursday, 5 July 2012

Haul: River Island Sale!

Like many others, I got up extra early Tuesday morning in the hope of getting an elusive half price wristband, unfortunately I wasn't early enough and there were none left, but no matter!
 The nearest River Island is literally 5mns from my house so I wandered down, sleepy eyed and joined what I assumed would be a serious war zone, but apparently I beat the rush. I only picked up a few things but what I got I'm really happy with!
I picked up this cute Hamsa Necklace with a pink stone.
I got kind of fed up with my cheap Hamsa bracelet snapping every two seconds so this necklace is a sweet alternative to it! And for 3euro I couldn't really leave it behind.

I also got these fang earrings for a minuscule 2euro, I think I was just drawn in by the price cause I hardly ever wear earrings, but sure, I'm sure I'l wear them with something.

Keeping with my usual love of crucifix's, I snapped up this side cross bracelet. Its exactly like Nasty Gal's side cross necklace, so I hope RI does a version of that too, it would be a nice alternative to Nasty Gal's seriously over priced one.
I really like it, its a really cute delicate way to wear a crucifix!

I also go these vertical stripe tights because my Topshop ones are in bits.  Come to think of it   I probably should have bought like three pairs!

I also picked up this pastel yellow tea dress in a marl fabric. Its got a slightly stretched, distressed pattern on the fabric. I can see it being an easy thing to throw on during Summer with brogues or Vans and ankle socks.
I also got this sheer black tasseled kimono,

I think it will be really good for holidays or a night out, I really wanted more tassels in my wardrobe, and I thought this was a cute summery way to do it rather than an edgy or western way!

I am so happy I got this cardigan! I was looking at it for ages but never got it, then it was in the sale! Woo! I know its really squished and hard to see in the photo but that's cause its super slouchy and comfy and soft.
It's just a loose knit cream cardigan with brown and tan tassels and knit detailing.
It's another tasseled item with glorious tasseled sleeves so whenever I wear it I feel really like, swoopy and use loads of hand and arm gestures so I wan see the tassels! I nearly took my boyfriends eye out during dinner last night with my dramatic arm gestures.
Speaking of le boyfriend, I picked him up this shirt when I wandered up to the men's section..

This skirt shall be my Summer touch of neon, weather permitting. I wore it out and it was really nice and swishy even though two other people I knew were wearing it too! Everywhere you went it was like "Oh you got that in the RI Sale" to everyone you saw.  

I adore this light little crop top, it's so whimsicle and silky and kind of floaty fairy style!

So that's my River Island Sale Haul, hope you enjoyed!


  1. omg sarah I love that Kimono! I want!

  2. You picked some gorgeous stuff, I love the white crop top and earrings in particular!