Tuesday, 24 July 2012

DIY: Spiked School Bag.

Hello all, back to school fever is starting up and unfortunately it includes me once again, as I'm going back to school in September after being in college for a year, to do my exams again.
I love back to school shopping, I think everyone does! Like notebooks and folders and pencil cases and such, always the argument with your mother or whomever about the pretty vs. sensible school things. So being a recurrent scholastic I have to buy a new school bag, which I did in Topman.
 I love it, it's got a really nice aztec print but I thought it could do with a little something extra, so I went online to look up some inspiration, and found some really cool spiked designs  

 So the next step was to go on ebay and get some spikes. I got fifteen for relatively cheap. 
So I have my bag and my spikes, 

 But you also need a marker and a pliers, but if you don't have a pliers just use a spoon, that's what I used! 
 So the first thing you need to do is straighten out the pins so they can stick through the fabric properly.
Then you just place the studs where you want them. I'm doing the top of the front pocket first.
So pierce the fabric all the way through, making sure the whole pin is through.
 Then using your spoon, flatten them down tightly so one crosses over the other.

So just keep repeating the process until the line is done. I pierced the fabric at equal intervals on the gray line so they would be straight and even. This is what it should look like when it's done:
 The next piece to do is the top of the bag, on the piece of fabric that goes over the main zipper.
 This bit is a little trickier as it's a bigger surface area, so I used my marker to make marks equally where I want the studs.

 Then you just stick the studs in where you made the marks, and repeat what you did to the front pocket.
Your end result should look like this:

So at the end you should have a studded front pocket and zipper top, which looks really cool. The other way I was thinking of doing it was getting like  a hundred flat pyramid studs and sticking them all over the straps, but I think that would work better with a plain color backpack.
 This is a really cheap and simple way to customize any item of clothing, and I hope it was helpful!


  1. Love it!! its very nice, was thinking of spiking up my bags too :)


  2. the bags looks amazing! find your blog very good and interesting. now im a new follower <3


  3. Where did u get this bag?! It's exactly what I want!!!

  4. Wow ! Love this idea ! love how simple it is to do at home as a back packer with many basics I shall now be sure to pack spoon and marker..... & spikes! :)

    Big Fan of the blog!