Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Top & Some Trinkets

Hello all, I have a few little pieces here I picked up recently over the past week or two with change I had lying around at the bottom of handbags and in tins and things so it was basically with money I didn't even know I had!
I got this amazing t-shirt in River Island, I'm so happy with River Island at the moment, it's really upped it's game lately. They have some lovely casual wear and knitwear, and none of the tacky over the top pastel sequin things they had last season. They have some really cool flatform hi-tops with a subtle aztec print that I'm dying to get, but they also have some knock off JC Litas which are a little tacky in suede. I think the high street is going a tad over board with their knock off Litas.
 But anyways, sorry about the quality of the photo, it's a really slouchy shirt so it was difficult to make it look nice on the hanger, but it hangs beautifully on and I'm obsessed with the neon detailing!

 I also picked up this Nail Ring, a total steal for 2.00 euro! I really want to get more small delicate rings to layer them up so this was perfect. The only thing I can say bad about it is that I'm guessing it's made for someone with shorter nails as the ring doesn't protrude over my nail, but mine are really long so I guess that's just going to happen! It also looks really nice worn on the first knuckle of the pinky finger.
I also grabbed this crucifix headband, which I would never wear on my head but I'm going to do a little project and turn it into a necklace similar to the NastyGal sideways crucifix ones, and it was only 2euro in the Sale.
The next item I found were these amazingly intricate crucifix drop earrings from Topshop. I think their so decadent and a nice alternative from the usual plain gold or silver over sized crucifixes that are dime a dozen these days. They have gorgeous black and gray stones set into them and little delicate spikes dangling off them.

I also was in the Yankee Candle store for a sniff and they were having a sale so I got two baby powder large candles, as it was the nicest flavor in the sale, the rest were either lemony or lavender and I wanted something softer and sweeter. It was two for 25 euro which is basically buy one get one free which was amazing.
 As you may have seen on an earlier post, I love Katy Perry's eyelash range for eylure. Iv'e been using the "Oh Honey" eyelashes for a while so I decided to try the "Cool Kitty" version, which are fuller and more dramatic. I haven't tried them yet but I'm excited to so I hope they live up to the "Oh Honey" version.
The last thing I got is...(drum roll please)... my school bag for next year! I'm going back to do my Leaving Certificate exams again after a year of college which sucks a little but I need to do it!
I picked up my new backpack in Topman, I really love the print but I think it needs a little something more so I think I will customize it with some spikes. The only bad thing is it's quite flimsy so I'm going to have to reinforce the bottom with leather or something. It's a work in progress!

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