Friday, 13 July 2012

Quick Pick: Suede Boots.

Hey all, I'm really getting into Autumn fashion now, textured black, tartan and neon pops, so when I saw these suede chunky boots in New Look I snapped them up! I'm way more of a bootie that stiletto heel girl so these peep toe beauties were totally for me. Iv'e been wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Lita's to death so I decided I needed a new going out boot to give my Lita's a little rest.

 I love the interesting shaped heel, It's really different to any other boots on the high street at the moment.
 I like how they also have a peep toe, so they're transitional for Summer to Autumn!
 I'm really happy with them, the top cuts of right before the ankle so they're leg flattering, and the platform is huge so they're really comfortable and easy to walk in!

They were a little pricey for New Look shoes at 39.99 but in cost per wear terms I think they'l pay for themselves in the end. I really love them, but have of yet to road test them on a night out so we shall see how they go.

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