Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Affordable Adornments.

Hello all, being a typically broke student, I find myself more frequently buying jewelry and accessories to spruce up an old outfit than buying a new outfit itself. Iv'e recently bought a few cheap and cheerful bits and bobs.
Firstly, I really wanted the multi crucifix strand necklace from Topshop which is 18.5O, and I saved up to buy it, but when I went in to get it I just could not justify buying it, and I'm so glad I didn't because with the nearly 2Oeuro I saved to buy it I got five six other jewelry items instead! 
I'm sure your wondering what is she on about as you can see from the pictures it seems I got the Topshop multi strand crucifix necklace( I really need to find a shorter way to say that)  but in fact it's an exact replica from New Look for like a quarter of the price at 6.5O. I cannot believe I nearly spent 18.5O on the exact same thing.
The only down side to this necklace is that it tangles so easily and it gets caught in my hair pretty badly when I put it on or take it off. Worth it though, it really compliments other necklaces when worn together.
 The next thing I got was from the Topman jewelry sale, an oversized Hamsa hand for 1.5O! I always look at the Topman jewelry because they often have similar things to Topshop but cheaper, if your a girl you just have to get size small for rings and that!
I love the turquoise stone and intricate patterns!

 In Topshop I also picked up some Bindis in the half price sale, I was really happy to see them there because I really didn't want to pay 7.5O for them.
 I wore the blue one out to a nightclub last week and it stuck pretty well until I started dancing and then it sort of lost it's sticky due to slight perspiration from the heat of the dance floor,  but a quick trip to the bathroom and some eyelash glue later and it was good for the rest of the night, it was even still on when I woke up in a crumpled heap the next morning.
Next it's back to New Look for these fake silver stretchers  for 3.OO. Iv'e been a bit annoyed about the fake stretcher trend because every store has made insanely cool ones but there's no real stretchers in the same styles and patterns available in store, I think people like myself who had stretchers until recently should have the choice of real or fake but no real ones have been made as far as I can see. 
Anyways I really like them but one has broken already so thumbs down New Look!
 In New Look they were having an amazing Buy One Get One Free Sale on their Summer jewelry, how insane is that!
 I got these amazing earrings, I don't even know how to describe them their like crystalized rocks in really cool colors, I got the purple and blue obviously. They're really light and don't weigh down your ears, you forget your wearing them! 
 And I didn't even have to pay for the earrings because I got this simple spike necklace for 6.5O. It's really casual I'll probably use it to dress up a baggy tee tucked into my Levi shorts.
So for the 2O euro I saved up and 75cent in the bottom of my bag I got 6 amazing items instead of one, and I pretty much still got the one I originally wanted for a million times cheaper. Seriously, there is something in the saying "Shop Around".


  1. ooooh lovely, Such nice earrings!

  2. These are fun. I really like the crystalized rock earrings they are such a fun combination of colors.


  3. i love your taste in jewellery i can never pick out nice things & love those bindis i have them too x