Sunday, 7 October 2012

September Haul: New Look, Thrift Store, Primark etc..

 Hello all, my apologies for the lack of blogging this month, I had lots going on with moving house and starting school etc.  but today I have a little collective haul of bits and  bobs Iv'e encumbered over the past two or three weeks because Iv'e had lots more shopping money recently since I moved out of my apartment.
 Firstly Iv'e been hitting a lot of car boot sales lately and I picked up these two broaches in Oranmore off a lovely lady who had a whole table of broaches so I had to restrain myself  a little and I just picked two. 
 I chose this intricate silver badge thing on a black velvet strip. It kind of reminded me of military style so I might pin it to my camoflage army jacket.
 I also got this wings broach which was apparently some kind of air hostess badge from Canada which I think is really cool! And they were both only 3euro which was really good me thinks!

 I went to new look and picked up a few things there, I got this amazing kind of tribal slightly sci-fi necklace.

 It's kind of a choker necklace, the leather plaited strap is really short but surprisingly comfortable, the leather is super soft against your neck.

I also had a wander around Penneys (Primark) and picked up this cute beanie in the mens section. I also got two plain black beanies as I have some projects i n mind for them.

 In the reduced section I found this cute belt. Seeings Iv'e always been obsessed with the Moschino lettering belts I picked this up for only 3euro.

When I was in New Look I got two pairs of shoes, firstly these AMAZING sci-fi style wedges. They were 44.99 but there was an offer for ten euro off so I grabbed them as Iv'e been wanting them for ages and ages.

 I know the Summer's neon trend is over but we all know it will be back next year so for a tenner in the sale I snapped up these amazing neon yellow-green courts.

 I hardly ever wear stillettos, nearly always chunky heels or booties but I thought these were a totally cool way to do neon!
 In  a thrift store in Oranmore I found this hilarious top. It reminds me of like  a Mexican doll or Mexican child's top with the embroideried flowers and edging.

 It has two cute fluro pink plaits on the edging as well, this top is full of detail!
 While in Penneys I picked up this incredibly soft scarf for 4euro as my nod to Autumns perpetual tartan trend.

 In another charity shop in Galway I picked up this weird nautical 8O's shirt that I think will look amaze with disco pants and  double decker creeper shoe. It was a complete bargain at 3euro!
 I recently got two skirts because I need heavy wintery ones, mine are all kind of flimsy and summery.
 I got this heavy cotton wine coloured one in River Island. I cant remember how much it was but whatever it was it was worth it because iv'e worn it so much already!
 On  more impulse buy I got this crucifix print skirt for 19.99 in New Look, I love it but my God, I need to stop buying crucifix things!
That's my little haul and I'm pretty sure everything's still in store! I'm trying to get back on top of blogging once or twice a week so bear with me!

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  1. In love with the beanie and the black skirt! <3