Saturday, 8 December 2012

A little Primark Haul..

Good evening every one, and once again appologies for the lack of blog posts, I know I use the old busy excuse every time but what with being back at school and actually caring about school this time around, I really have been weighed down with work!

Today I was doing some Christmas shopping and of course I stopped into Penney's. Iv'e been really disappointed with Topshop and RI lately (unheard of I know!!) and so Iv'e pretty much just been shopping online and in Penney's due to the need for basic bits and fluffy winter socks and the like!

The first thing I picked up was a body-con grey marl midi dress for 13 euro.
 Its form fitting but a little too stretchy, I would prefer it tighter but what can you do.
 My main fault wit it is that he bottom is a little too tight, walking up steep steps is pretty much impossible! (Trust me, I learned the hard way.)

 I also picked up this jumper. Out with ombre hair, In with ombre knitwear! It was 16euro which is an absolute bargain seeings it's so petty and cosy!

 It's a kind of fluffy wool(100% acrylic, don't stand too near an open flame) which annoyingly moults a little but it's too soft to care!
 Seeings I cannot justify buying the real American Apparel Disco Pants, I snapped up the Penney's version for 17euro. I say Penny's version but they are literally the exact the same as the AA ones, back pockets and all!
 I also picked up this shirt, not sure how much it was. I wear it with my green John Lennon glasses and feel like i'm in a 70's show band.
 The print is an odd hybrid of hybrid of baroque/oriental/paisely but I like it, it's quite different than any other print I have in my wardrobe.

Cest tout pour le moment. I really will intend on posting every few days during the Christmas holidays! Enjoy the run up to Christmas!


  1. have been looking for cheap leggings like that for quite sometime thank you!