Thursday, 21 November 2013

HD Brows: My Experience

So upon moving to Dublin I noticed more and more that every girl had something I didn't. And that something was eyebrows that are in 'high definition'. Now as someone who submerges myself specifically in fashion, I'm something of a beauty fledgling. My first mistake was that I heard HD brows were called 3D brows, and  I generally assumed that all eyebrows were three dimensional seeing as, well, they're eyebrows.
This caused some confusion that was soon rectified after some careful research, and I saw picture after picture of Before & After shots of mediocre eyebrows magically transformed into face defining features. The Irish eyebrow obsession has been going on for a while now, with our very own Irish beauties such as Holly Carpenter featured regularly in the press flaunting seriously perfect brows.

After carefully delving into the online eyebrow community it seemed like one of the most highly recommended establishments in Dublin was the Brow Boutique on the top floor of the Jervis shopping centre, so I hopped on the bus and made my way into the city centre to make my appointment and have an allergy patch test, which is a necessity for a first timer such as myself.
Later in the week I arrived to my appointment allergy free and got down to brow business. I had allowed my brows to grow out for about a month before hand as it is essential for the brow technician to have as much real estate to work with as possible, so please forgive the unruliness in pictures below!
The HD brow method is a 7 Step programme, starting with measurement/assessment of your brows to mark where exactly your brows should begin and end. Next comes the tinting process, where a genle dye is applied to the brows. Once they're dyed, the shaping begins! With a mixture of waxing, threading and tweezing it's a pretty intense process. The waxing and threading was surprisingly not painful at all, but as I had rather straight brows without much of a natural arch the plucking construction was quite unpleasant. At one point I was genuinely like 'why am I paying this woman to torture me?'. But as the entire process only lasts a very reasonable 25mns it is well worth it.
During the treatment I had no way to see how my brows were shaping up so I was genuinely shocked at the end when the technician held up a mirror to show me the end result. I was so happy with the result, it just made my face somehow better, my eyes looked brighter, my features more defined. I received many compliments on my appearance today, though no one could quite pin point what was the subtle difference. It really is true that your brows frame your face.

 I would seriously recommend HD Brows to anyone who is considering getting the treatment, and I will 100% be returning to the Brow Boutique. The girl was polite and friendly and answered all my questions during the session. HD Brows require a bit of maintenance, depending on how quickly your hair grows, the technician  advised me to call and make a new appointment when ever I felt I needed it, no pressure on becoming a return customer, though I will simply thanks to the excellent professional service I was provided with. The Brow Boutique also offers a loyalty card to customers which awards you your sixth treatment free of charge, which is pretty nifty for an impoverished student such as myself. The entire process cost me a reasonable €30 as The Brow Boutique is having a special offer on HD Brows for the month of November. Seriously love the results and I look forward to maintaining my high definition brows for the foreseeable future!
That's all for now, look out for future posts! 

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