Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012

Something magical happened at Milan fashion week this season, and that magical happening was D&G A/W Collection for Fall 2012. Caped priest coats, virginal ruffles and traditional Italian embroidery came together to make an evangelical medley of classic symbolism and intricate craftmanship.
Tapestry prints and high necklines made for an unprofane setting, while black sheer and lace mixed with lace up boots added a devilish side to the proceedings.

Priest capes and sacrosanct prints comendeered the religious feel as the silk mix skirts and puff sleeved dressed flounced down the catwalk.
Virginal lace and floral needlework tapestry were relief spots in the show, nearly obscured by the darker seraphic feel of the velvet and sumptuous gold embroidery.

Choir boy ruffles also featured, mixed with sharp pencil skirts and edgy sheer socks.The models had an eerie innocence to them, as Stefano Gabbana: “something between princesses and virgins”

The entire feel of the show was pure red blooded Italian craftmanship, from needlepoint tapestry to print work, showcasing many layers of Italian culture.

Structure also appeared, in the bell capes and sinched waists, and rounded hip shorts, all emphasizing the curves and dips of the female figure.

It is so rare these days to see a show that really truly portrays an element of hard work, something that seems like an absolute legitimate scene from a Salvator Rosa or Baroque painting. Well played Stefano and Dominico, well played.


  1. Loved this collection! Great review :)

  2. amazing post!
    I love those designs!