Sunday, 18 March 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff A/W 2012

Another fantastic show from Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff, an absolute circ de soleil of fashion. Featuring multi colored knits, harlequin sequined suits and applique strewn denim.
The Rocky Horror Show theme song played as the models stomped up the catwalk, some of them throwing glitter as they went.

The harlequin theme was evident in the plaid and diamond pattern suits and trousers. Mismatched tights and pom pom festooned up do's added a special touch, bouncing off the sequin drop earrings and 70's Disco vibe.

The intricate embroideried nighties and flouncy skirts seem to carry on from MK 's Spring/Summer show.

Marie Antoinette style wigs and applique and pinned denim clashed beautifully under the disco lights, and yet more statement collars and blazers were seen for the future season.

Tasseled skirts and Eye-Print Fur coats were the highlight of the show for me, while the pom pom adorned head pieces were barely seen due to the walking pace the models flung them selves onto the catwalk with, there was barely time to catch all the intimate details.

The last looks took a dark turn as the models faces were plastered with garish goulish face paint and dancing feverishly down the catwalk.

More Nail wraps for me to obsess over! Love the unicorn,shroom's and fried egg wraps. Cannot wait to get my hands on these bad boys.

Once again, Meadham Kirchhoff ticked all the right boxes for me, though I don't think it was as ground breaking as their last season show. It seems this duo do nothing if not give the audience a visual feast of ideas, patterns and forward thinking.

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