Friday, 30 March 2012

Primark, Topshop, Vintage & Evil Twin Haul. †

Hey everyone, just have a little Haul blog here, Mostly jewellery but I also picked up a few shirts and other bits! Their mostly from Primark(Penneys) because Iv'e been on a really tight budget lately!
Armor Ring~Primark
The first piece I picked up was this silver ring from Primark, I got it in a Medium but it's a bit too big for me which is weird.
I think it's a really nice Summery armor style ring, but unfortunately it will have to be a thumb ring as it's so big, but for only 2euro I'm not complaining!

Turquoise Ring~Primark

I also picked up a turquoise stone ring I really wanted some turquoise pieces for Summer.

It was only 3euro, and it's a Medium and fits perfectly!
I love the leaf pattern that holds the stone in place, Primark has really upped it's game in the last year with the details they've been adding to the clothes and accessories they've been mass producing lately.

I recieved this Topshop Hand chain for my Birthday recently, from my lovely friend Laura.
I really love it, I had one before from River Island but unfortunately it snapped on a night out!
It has a gold coin detail, it reminds me of ancient Rome or something, I cant wait to wear it casually on holidays with a maxi skirt or peeking out of a shirt sleeve on a night out.
Crucifix earrings~Topshop
I picked up these oversized crucifix earring in Topshop last week for 10.50, which I thought was a bit odd seeings the ones I bought last Summer which were half the size were the same price!
They're quite heavy, I wore them to the cinema on Friday to see the Hunger Games and I had to take them out halfway through! I think they'l only really be good for nights out rather than day to day wear.

Belt~Charity Shop
I got this belt in Enable Ireland on Lower Shop Street for 50cent, which I thought was an amazing deal! I got it to wear on Saint Patrick's Day because of the green strap thing, its got an adorable gold golfer motif embossed on the strap too.

I got this adorable shirt in Primark, I still have this obsession with interesting collars so this was an obvious choice!

I picked up this shirt yesterday in Primark, purely for the crochet cream collar! It has sweet gathered bell sleeves too! I'm starting to get snowed under by the amount of cream collared shirts i own...

Evil Twin
I got this dress for my Birthday from my sister, it's the Evil Twin Heavy Cross To Bear dress.
Its sheer black cotton with sheerer crucifix pattern, over a cream lining, I just thought it was really different, I hadn't ever seen a full pattern of crucifixes on a dress before!
Wool Jumper~Public Romance
I got this customized vintage jumper in Public Romance a while back, I'd had my eye on it for ages so I was delighted when I finally snapped it up!


  1. That turquoise ring is stunning, also love the cross earrings! You picked up up some great pieces!

  2. Love the cross dress and those blouses. I had bought the polka dot one but it had to go back as it didn't fit me :( I totally love the cross earrings and that armor ring.

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